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Average Golf Swing Speed Chart - Basics & Numbers You Need to KnowAverage Golf Swing Speed Chart - Basics & Numbers You Need to Know
Average Golf Swing Speed Chart - Basics & Numbers You Need to Know
Average Golf Swing Speed Chart – Basics & Numbers You Need to Know

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The average golf swing speed chart refers to the swing speeds of amateur golfers to pro tour players. You’ll benefit from this only if you practice swing speed training. Swing speed training helps you increase your swing speed and gain more distance consistently.

By knowing the average golf swing speed for beginners, intermediates, and professionals. You can understand the dynamics of your swing speed to get more distance. Simply put, once you know the average golf swing speeds out there. You can always increase your swing speed to match the speed chart more accurately. 

So there’ll be little to no second-guessing. And you can make the most of what helps drive more golfers to an enhanced swing speed and distance.

Here’s what you’ve been waiting for…

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Average Golf Swing Speed Chart – Basics

Average Golf Swing Speed Chart - Basics & Numbers You Need to Know
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Before I spill the beans, it’s necessary to understand how important is golf swing speed? 

A golfer’s swing speed is never perfected. Many beginners fall into the trap of obsessing over their swing speeds. But the correct swing speed is but one of the important factors in golf.

Every golfer has a different swing speed. There are players who go over 160 miles per hour. While others stick to 90 miles per hour consistently. For professional golfers, the swing speed can vary significantly. 

So what you must focus on at such times is the “how.” How is your swing speed influencing your drive? Even though there is no magic formula to hit the perfect score. Beginners can use certain tool aids and learn new techniques to obtain a good golf score. 

The first thing you need to focus on is how you hit the ball. Beginners often overlook how they make contact with the ball. To achieve this, it can take months and months of practice and hard work. Once you learn how to contact the ball correctly, you can improve your golf swing techniques. 

And to help you do that here’s the average golf swing speed chart.

Average Golf Swing Speed Chart – Numbers

Average Golf Swing Speed Chart - Basics & Numbers You Need to Know
Average Golf Swing Speed Chart – Basics & Numbers You Need to Know

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The average golf swing speed of tour pros is between 110 to 125 mph. Such swing speeds ensure a drive distance of about 300 yards or farther. This depends entirely upon your skills as a golfer and the golf club you’re using.

You can also opt for a golf swing training system to get you started. A training system can filter out the noise and keep you focused on what’s really important. And you lower your handicap over time and with more dedicated practice. 

The average swing speed for beginners is between 70 to 100 mph. The average even of that range is 85 mph. A driver for 85 mph swing speed, for example, is a balance of weight and functionality. 

So you’ll always find something that matches your swing speed. You must always look for the correct driver for your swing speed. And do not adjust your swing speed for the driver you’ve just bought. The latter leads to more errors in your golf performance.

There’s another way to determine the average golf swing speed chart. And that is by handicap.

You can also determine your swing speed by handicap. When the handicap number goes down, your swing speed levels go up. With that in mind… here’s the average golf swing speed chart of last year, 2019. 

Handicap Swing Speed
0-5 243
6-10 230
11-15 219
16-20 209
12-15 201



If you’re a beginner player, your goal should be to get the basics right. How you contact the ball? How slow or fast is your swing speed? What is your average drive distance? 

If you’re at the advanced levels, you’re training harder than ever to manage your swing speeds. You may also be using a few training aids such as a speed radar, launch monitor, etc. 

These machines help you determine your velocity and shooting drills. So you can make more accurate improvements to your swing speed for better play. After all, adjusting and monitoring your swing speed is the only constant in golf. 

Having said that, what do you make of the average golf swing speed chart? Lots of new golfers opt for swing speed training because it’s effective. You can increase your overall swing speed and get a better-customized fit for your driver. Sounds like a great deal, doesn’t it?

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