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Football is perhaps one of the most popular sports at the moment. Its fans are emotional, loyal, try not to miss a single match of their football team, always see football betting odds here, and sincerely support their idols. For such fans, we want to present football shows that convey the atmosphere of this sport in the best possible way by adding an interesting plot. 

So let’s go through the list of the best and most popular football-themed shows to diversify a boring evening.

  1. Playmakers

A relatively old series filmed back in 2003. Yet, this show won the hearts of many viewers, and still, its ratings are high. The series consists of only eleven episodes and tells us about the lives of football athletes who are hindered by drugs, love dramas, and violence on their way to a great career. Not all critics were unambiguous about the series, and perhaps, for this reason, it was not renewed for more than one season.

  1. Coach 

The series from the eighties. This comedy Sitcom is about the life of a college coach that tries to harmonize family and work aspects. 

The Coach show is not only about football. It is also about such important problems as self-esteem, adoption, and family duties. Such themes make the series relevant even today. It contains 9 seasons, but each episode lasts 30 minutes, so it is very easy to delve into it.  

  1. Ballers 

For those who have always asked what is to be a famous footballer. The center of the glamour life of ex-football star Spencer Strasmore (Dwayne Johnson) and is now in the business of guiding new NFL players into a brighter football future.

The HBO show has four seasons and is still going. This is an entertaining comedy show, where there will be no stories about the thorny path of football players. Just watch and enjoy the warm American ambiance. 

  1. Friday Night Lights

A little bit in a teen-agers style, but still good and interesting. The plot of the series tells about the life of high footballers from Texas and their coaches. 

Being a student and playing on the college football team is not so easy, so in four seasons you will know how to live in everyday drama and sports trials. A little bit of school routine, a little bit of football, and a bit of family and friendship. So, this show is great for everyone.

  1. Last Chance U

Teenagers and football topics were always greatly related. The series explores the challenges of learning along with the desire to be the best on the pitch. The main idea of the show is the opposition of football teams from different colleges, and it is the personal development of the players in these teams.

This show is not a drama or comedy, but rather a documentary series that shows all the complexities of the road to success.

If you are interested in the realities of rivalry, then this Netflix series will definitely interest you.

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