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cybersecurity now counts as an existential issue for organizations across the globe, as business operations are becoming ever more highly automated. Cybersecurity is a leading issue for all organizational stakeholders and leaders, whose mission and livelihoods depend on keeping their operations safe from cyber threats.  They are heavily reliant on cybersecurity professionals like Avery Tarasov.

As the threat landscape changes and cyber threats become increasingly sophisticated, it is anticipated that the annual average loss from a data breach will continue to trend higher. Organizations commonly expect that it is the IT department’s responsibility to manage cyber risks and deal with their consequences, including in the aftermath of an attack or breach of cybersecurity. How and to what extent an organization allocates its resources is decided by its leadership and other key stakeholders.  As stakeholders have a direct impact on an organization’s cybersecurity risk management, it is essential to keep them apprised of the importance of cybersecurity, so that cybersecurity operations and personnel are provided with the resources necessary to keep the business safe from cyber threats.

Instead of developing its own fully outfitted cybersecurity section, a business may turn to cybersecurity consultants to guide the organization in deciding what steps and procedures are most appropriate for their operations, and how they can implement a complete cybersecurity roadmap for their company.

Through such a consulting arrangement, business leaders will gain insight into the financial requirements to implement ongoing, effective cybersecurity protection. They will be provided with clearly defined measures that will reliably ensure a strong and credible cybersecurity posture for the organization. An expert cybersecurity consultant will enhance the protection of sensitive information of customers and clients. After consulting a cybersecurity expert, a business can expect to understand and implement required cybersecurity standards for the IT department as well as for the organization as a whole.

Since cybersecurity risks vary from one industry to another, top cybersecurity professionals must tailor their approach and analyses to meet the specific situation and needs of the organizations they serve. One such professional with a proven industry track record is Avery Tarasov, who since the inception of his cybersecurity career has helped various businesses in overcoming their cybersecurity challenges.

Passionate about computers, networks, and coding from a very young age, Tarasov first became proficient in Windows utility systems and programming languages including C++ and Visual Basic 6. Determined to become a true cybersecurity expert,   he pursued studies at Capella University, where he earned a Master’s degree with distinction, specializing in Information Assurance & Security.  He also earned the coveted CISSP certification in his field.

Tarasov went on to become the foremost contributor to open-source Snort intrusion detection system rules for several years.  He founded and serves as Chief Executive Officer for two successful ventures, Laser Pointer Forums, and Deeptide. Laser Pointer Forums, which dates to 2006, is the largest web forum for laser enthusiasts, with over 40,000 members who have contributed well over 1 million posts.  More recently he started DeepTide, LLC which is known for its open-source Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) software, ArcticMyst Security. With a broad range of security features such as a firewall, anti-virus, and Intrusion Detection and Prevention System (IDPS), the ArcticMyst Security software helps organizations recognize, counter, and repel cyber threats. The firewall safeguards a system by screening traffic, whereas the IDPS feature scans and observes network systems and traffic to halt the malicious activities of hackers. Additionally, the anti-virus and anti-malware protection aspects of the software utilize signature-based and behavior-based detection methods and strategies.

Tarasov is a multitalented individual who not only has served as a successful cybersecurity professional with renowned companies such as E*TRADE, Microsoft, Avon, Kind, and Wafra but also takes pride in his achievements as a fitness enthusiast. He received notice in the Wall Street Journal after emerging victorious in a three-hour plank competition. Additionally, Tarasov has composed a music track, “Frozenkeep”,

With eighteen years of industry experience, Tarasov continues to utilize his demonstrated skills and innovative expertise to assist organizations and individuals in safeguarding their confidential data with state-of-the-art cybersecurity tools and strategies.

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