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No decent person wants to spend time in jail especially when he/she innocent. However, the police may accuse such an individual of committing a serious felony. This gives them the right to detain and put him/her behind bars.The law-enforcement officials may gather sufficient evidence during their investigations of this crime. This compels them to take such a step in the public interest. The defendant goes get the opportunity to prove he/she isn’t guilty. This is when his/her case goes to trial in a court of law. Fortunately, he/she can avoid incarceration by applying for bail in the form of a cash bond.

Why do certain defendants need to provide a cash bond as a bail payment?

Most people outside the legal community may not have heard of the term ‘cash bond.’ In this form of bail, the defendant pays a certain sum of money to the court.  with the help of a bail bond agent He/she doesn’t have to provide any other asset as collateral in such a situation. This is boon of people with limited resources. The judge presiding over the preliminary hearing determines this amount. It is generally for minor felonies like failure to pay certain fines in previous court cases. This official may give such a ruling under certain conditions. This includes the possibility that the suspect may try to abscond to evade prosecution.

How does it work?

In this form of bail, the defendant deposits the sum of money to the court clerk. On receiving this amount, he/she get a receipt. On the production of this document, the police release this individual from their custody. They need to do so with immediate effect. Castle Bail bonding Columbus specialists say the court authorities do accept other modes of payment. This can be in the form of plastic money like credit cards. People facing imprisonment should know that they furnish the full amount in this bail. They won’t get any change if they pay an extra amount.

Who can pay this sum of money and its procedure?

In the case of a cash bond, it is the responsibility of the defendant to pay the bail amount. However, he/she may not be able to do so for a variety of reasons. In such a case, any person can deposit this sum of money to the court clerk. Such an individual can be a close relative of the suspect, his/her friend or acquaintance. Many service providers in the market specialize in this particular field. Every state in America has its own set of rules and regulations governing such bail applications. The accused need to follow such procedures to the letter. On top of this, he/she has the following conditions of bail. Otherwise, the judge may have no option but issue an arrest warrant.

Defendants need to understand that a cash bond is a necessity of them. They’ll soon realize it is money worth spending. It allows them to avoid incarceration until their trial begins. This gives them the opportunity to prove their innocence of crime police is accusing them of committing. However, they can only do so when they follow the guidelines of the bail application.

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