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Are you a car enthusiast? And does speed excite you more? If yes, then you must be researching online about the fastest cars in the world. Honestly speaking there are plenty of names to count on today. Also, new advanced vehicles are being launched as well. Just make sure that you keep the keys safe if you buy one of these cars, the last thing you want is to require car key replacement for vehicles like this

Are you curious about some of the best fast cars in the world? If yes, you can count on the following five names.

  1. Aston Martin One – 77 (220 Mph)

Aston Martin One – 77 is a sports vehicle. Designed by Aston Martin, a British car manufacturer, this vehicle is a two-seater. The model first made an appearance in Paris Motor Show 2008. The vehicle was covered almost with a tailored cover all through the motor show. But at the Geneva Motor 2009 show the vehicle had a fantastic revelation. It comes with a fantastic aluminum body. And it also boasts of a complete chassis of fiber monocoque.

  1. Gumpert Apollo (225 Mph)

Not many people will look upon this vehicle model as a “good looking” car. Many car lovers found it average looking. And for many, the looks were wholly unimpressive. However, the lack of looks got completely compensated by its speed. The Gumpert Apollo claims to provide the best speed at 225 mph. This vehicle had outshined several new entries and previously known super-fast cars. It made its entry to the global car market back in the 2000s. In fact, today it features amongst the world’s top 30 fastest cars.

  1. Koenigsegg CCR (242 Mph)

Almost 13 years back, Koenigsegg which is a Swedish Fast Cars manufacturer had launched the fastest car in the world, but for a short while. Today, the Koenigsegg CCR makes it to the list of the best fast vehicles globally with a speed of 242 mph. The vehicle came with impressive statistics. In fact, it had even made it to the Guinness Book of World Records. But soon there were other entries as well. But this car is still celebrated for its look, design, speed, and overall performance.

  1. Lotec Sirius (250 Mph)

Mr. Kurt Lotterschmid is the Lotec Owner who had designed this car model. It comes with an impressive speed of 250 mph. The car has a varied horsepower, and it also depends on a turbo boost. Equipped with an 85 bar boost, this car can come up with a 1,000 horsepower.  This impressive power is possible today because of Twin KKK turbochargers, which fit the vehicle very well.

  1. SSC Ultimate Aero (256 Mph)

Most car lovers call the Ultimate Aero as one of the finest sports cars, with an American built. It is a popular choice for many car lovers. This car too has made it to the Guinness Book of World Records, for being the fastest production car in the entire world, with an impressive 256 mph speed. 

Today, you have the chance to know more about the other fastest cars in the world. There are plenty. But you can start by knowing more on these five above mentioned cars and then keep on researching more.

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