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The US government’s primary intention for awarding social security number to its citizens and other residents who qualify for it is to track the income of individuals for taxation.  The Social Security Administration or SSA is responsible for issuing the card to eligible residents after scrutinizing several documents that support their claim of a bona fide resident of the country. The number is also useful for the government in granting social benefits by gathering information about the individual’s contribution to social security to determine their eligibility and calculate the benefits payable to them.  The social security number lasts for a lifetime except for instances of card loss of card theft when you must obtain a replacement card to continue receiving the benefits as before.

The use of social security number

Besides the government, many other institutions and employers insist on the social security number that helps to keep track of their earnings, and all other monetary transactions are undertaken. This is why you must declare your social security number when opening a bank account or an account with any US financial institution, applying for federal loans, enrolling in Medicare, buying an insurance policy, obtaining a passport and driver’s license and on your tax return.

While the social security number is a mandatory requirement for citizens, non- citizens are exempted from furnishing it in some cases like obtaining a driver’s license, getting private health insurance, registering for school and availing subsidized housing.

Be careful in sharing your social security number

Do not use your social security number randomly because although the law allows anyone to ask your number, you must be careful in sharing it. Check if it is essential to share the number because it is not obligatory for you to give it to anyone who asks for it without any valid reason. For example, you need not provide it to medical providers but can give them some other proof of identity. However, it can also happen that the other party refuses to provide the services unless you furnish the number.

The biggest threat is losing the social security card that exposes you to identity theft. Anyone can fake your identity and engage in unlawful monetary transactions by using your personal details obtained from the social security card. Therefore, you must take proper care to prevent its misuse and store it properly so that you do not lose it.

Getting a replacement card

Obtaining a replacement credit card is not at all easy, but again you must get it as soon as you lose it to avoid any disruption in leading a smooth life. The task of obtaining a social security card is quite difficult if you want to go through the physical application process by visiting the nearest SSA office. Instead, applying for it online with the help of a third party facilitator can make things easy.

The agent facilitates the application process by giving access to the online application and providing all guidance for complying with the regulations and documentary requirements. They also ensure error-free filing so that there is no possibility of turning down the application.




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