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Explore the rooftop gardens at Wafi Pyramids Making the itineraries of all travelers on a budget, Wafi Pyramids Rooftop Gardens is famous for hosting the “Movies under the Stars” events which are free every Sunday at 8:30 pm. The layout of the Outdoor theaters is incredible with top features including beanbag chairs as well as access to food and beverages. There are other such entertainment places as well but that will cost you money. Thereby, this is the cheapest and best way to enjoy a famous Dubai sightseeing.

Watch the Dancing Fountains

Famously labeled as being the World’s Largest Performing Fountains, the Dancing Fountains of Dubai are incredible to watch. Resembling the Las Vegas show with 50 color projectors and 6000 lights, this free attraction draws scores of fascinated onlookers. The entire shows are run for about five minutes and staged from 6-11 pm. Sometimes they are played during midday periods as well. If you happen to be traveling with kids, they will love this fascinating sight.

Ascend Jebel Hafeet

A mountain that offers some of the most spectacular views, Jebel Hafeet can be climbed on foot or one can use a vehicle as well. This is one of the most fun things to do in Dubai at night as the views from here of the spectacularly lit city skyline are breathtaking, to say the least. About 16 miles long, Jebel Hafeet offers an extensive view of the scenic surroundings and all for no cost. However, keep in mind that ascending this spectacular mountain at night comes with its own risk and you shouldn’t try it unless absolutely sure of yourself.

Windowshop at the famous Dubai Mall

Located in the shadow of the towering Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall is one place you must absolutely visit without fail. Famous for being the largest mall in the world, it will cost you nothing just to walk around this vast shopping area and windowshop. Sprawled across an estimated 5.4 million sq. feet, the mall is home to about 1200 stores and attracts about 54 million visitors annually. While this is among the new things to do in Dubai, it is among the most exciting ones to do as well.

Explore the Gold Souk

Literally meaning Gold Market, you will find a wide variety of things here rarely found elsewhere. While it’s a good place to shop, it can prove to be quite burdensome on your wallet. The government regulates the products periodically so you need not worry about authenticity. It’s best to do a complete research of the market, products, and prices of the products before heading to it. This way, you’ll be safe from being overcharged for anything and won’t be too shocked by the sky high prices of certain items. Checkout this also  Dubai’s incredible transformation

Revel at Jumeirah Beach

Home to some of the best Dubai hotels and restaurants, this is one of the most exotic places to visit in Dubai. Several people spend a large wad of cash just to experience one of these exclusive hotels and the soft sandy beach. But not many are aware that there’s a public part of the beach that doesn’t require you to lodge at a luxury hotel to access it. This public portion of Jumeirah beach is where you can relax, picnic, barbeque, or take scenic strolls.

Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary

Sitting at the mouth of Dubai creek, the Ras Al Wildlife Sanctuary is home to scores of stunning bird species. There is no entry fee and this place is an absolute paradise for bird watchers. It is famous for being the region where innumerable Flamingos gather during the cooler months. The sight of these beautiful birds wading in the water as well as taking flight together is an incredible one indeed. This is one of the best free things to do in Dubai if you happen to be an animal lover. Don’t forget to take your camera along when you visit this remarkable place.

Study the historical locale of Al Fahidi (Bastakiya)

Commonly known as Bastakiya, Al Fahidi is a picturesque locale in Dubai that seems out of a fairytale. This historical district located right in the heart of modern Dubai is the best place to head to if you wish to know what Dubai was like prior to its remodeling. Stunning historical architecture will leave you mesmerized as you stroll through this awesome neighborhood which once used to be twice its current size. Following encouragement from the eminent Prince Charles, steps were taken by the local government to preserve the priceless ancient structures. Mekong Delta Tours will provide travel services in superior, deluxe, luxury Mekong cruises, Mekong river tours, transportation, and hotels. Travelling with happiness, satisfaction, and joyfulness are the most important things we want our readers to have. When you’re done exploring Dubai, you should book cheap flights to India at Indian Eagle for your next vacation. There are countless amazing free things to do in this incredible country as well.

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