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Best 5 Places to Visit Kerala Are you searching for Best 5 Places to Visit Kerala ? then you are in the right place During the visit to Kerala, you can decorate beautiful places here. During the winter there is plenty of good weather to be seen here. If you are planning to travel somewhere, then do not forget to include Kerala in the list of your vacation … Let us tell you through our articles, about some beautiful beautiful places to visit in Kerala…….. Kathakali is the most pure, most scientifically and most complex dance form of Kerala. It is such a difficult and exciting dance that demands the artist to hold a full hold on his body and his intensity is intensified. This dance originated in the court of kings. It is considered as a synthetic art made of a very scientific dance drama, with the basics of Krishnatam and Ramanattam. This dance is not a folk dance but a complete classical dance.   Munnar: Image result for munnar Munnar is the most popular holiday destination in South India .. The best way to visit this place is from September to May. During the winter after monsoon, you can see Munnar more beautiful. After rain, tea leaves appear to be quite green, which makes these places more attractive. In Munnar you can also see the Sailani Metapetti Dam, Pothamadu View Point, Top Station, Echo Point, etc. Read more   Thrissur: Image result for Thrissur Thrissur, known as the cultural capital of Kerala, is an attractive place that will open your eyes in the world of beauty created by the work of men and Gods. Thrissur, which is a short name of Trishivapurer (whose real meaning is “The town named after Lord Shiva”), is named after the goddess Devakkammanathan of the region. The proper time to visit this cultural city is in the middle of October to March, during which the weather here is quite pleasant. Read more       Vembanad Lake: Image result for vembanad lake Kerala is beautiful, its beauty is everywhere, this is located, Kumarakom is a small and beautiful Kottayam town on the banks of Lake Vembanad. Vambanad Lake is a wide range of canals and rivers in Kottayam, which is found in Vembanad lake and extends its water. This lake is growing rapidly in the form of backwater tourism. Experience of boating, fishing and sightseeing can also be enjoyed here. There is always a crowd of native foreign tourists in the number of thousands here.This city has many specialties that are beautiful in its own right. Read more Varkala Beach: Image result for varkala beach Varkala is one of the best beaches in Kerala. Located 51 miles from Thiruvananthapuram. Varkala holds appeal and ability to woo tourists from all over the world with its natural charm and high rocks. The Samundra beach is famous among the people of other countries and also provides interesting activities such as sun bath, boat ride, surfing and Ayurvedic massage to make it exciting. Read more  Devikulam: Image result for devikulam Falling between the narrow hills and sharp rocks surrounded by the plains of green plume, the waterfall sounding tomorrow and tomorrow gives you beautiful surroundings. Devikulam is located in the district of Idukki, about 7 km away from Munnar. This is a favorite place for nature lovers because they can enjoy watching and enjoying various flora and fauna here. Trout fishing is another activity here. Devikulam is also a favorite place for trackers and delusions between gardens and red glue trees this are  Best 5 Places to Visit Kerala.Read more]]>

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