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Renovation work in a bathroom requires thoughtful and meticulous work. This is because, unlike other apartment premises, it is a service room with direct practical use. The current design solutions advantageously combine style and functionality.

They provide extensive possibilities for decorating a comfortable bathroom in various conditions; by the way, such works can be found here. Sometimes there is a need to install additional fences or even to move walls. For this, a different plan is formed, and extra time is required. The store canberra bathroom renovations Style offers a large collection of online bathroom vanity and other products.

Cladding materials

Renovating a bathroom from scratch begins with the process of agreeing on its design. In addition to appearance, it is essential to determine what materials to use for decoration. Most often, these are:

– tile;

– porcelain stoneware;

– mosaic;

– PVC boards.

After the design of the bathroom has been formed, you need to select the plumbing equipment. In addition to its appearance, you need to know its dimensions – whether suitable for a particular bathroom. It is also necessary to check whether the pipeline and its sections need to be replaced.

Often in apartments with a rough finish, the bathroom only has risers for water pipes and sewerage. In such cases, the work should start with the laying of the piping. Following the project, bring water and sewer pipes to the proposed places of plumbing equipment.

Other technical issues

Special attention is paid to electrical wiring because high humidity for the bathroom is a common thing. It is necessary to determine where the electrical appliances will be located to supply the required number of outlets. When installing the wiring, you should observe safety measures and ensure its further harmless use. The issue of bathroom lighting carries practical points – the need for it near the mirror and the design of the style of the room. It is worth paying attention to moisture-resistant backlighting for the contours of interior items. It will be appropriate to carry out the installation of ventilation.

The embodiment of design solutions

The next step in bathroom renovation is to level the walls, floor, and ceiling. The state of the surfaces directly determines the scale of such work. The thickness of the layer of filler material increases with the presence of a large number of irregularities. If the surfaces are too uneven, then the repair will definitely take longer. After leveling the walls, they are covered with facing materials. This includes painting, tiling, decorative mixtures.

Most often, tiles are chosen to cover the walls and floor in the bathroom. Ceramic material perfectly tolerates constant humidity and makes the room aesthetically pleasing. Today, a wide range of tiles is available for any design, making it possible to realize even the most daring interior style. Renovation of the bathroom may include installing a “warm floor” system, which has a positive effect on the ability to take bath procedures in a comfortable environment.

Ceiling covering

The finishing of the ceiling depends only on the choice of finishing material. Recently, the technology of stretch ceilings has become widespread. It has been successfully used for bathrooms as well. This is an excellent opportunity to create a perfectly flat surface of any color in a short period. A perfect option would be to cover the ceiling with latex (emulsion) paint. This method gives beauty and eliminates moisture accumulation. The most straightforward and most practical design of the ceiling is the installation of plastic panels.

Final stages

After finishing work in the bathroom, furniture, fittings in hooks, mirrors, various bathroom accessories are placed. Only now is the door being installed. If the door is installed earlier, then it can be damaged by bringing in plumbing and furniture. Regardless of the size of the bathroom, modern technologies and materials make it possible to provide a piece of paradise in it.

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