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Luxury Design Stores to Help You Reinvent Your Home


People redecorate their homes once every five years on average. If your home’s interior receives exposure to the effects of smoking, having children in the house, or regularly hosting guests, you’ll need to redecorate more often. 

Sometimes, it’s just time to reinvent your home.

A home redesign is a fun opportunity to see what’s new on the market. It’s worth taking a look at the latest offerings from the luxury design stores too. 

To help you start your journey, the following are five luxury design stores that help you reinvent your home.

Many individuals know that Sotheby’s is a famous auction house. Founded in 1744, the auctioneer of fine art has branched out into other areas including the home. Sotheby’s Home is their ready-to-buy-now home decor department.

Individuals interested in reinventing their homes with luxury can take a look at the curated home furnishings collections. Shop the design store year-round. 

Tables, storage, and lighting are three categories to browse. Wall art, beds, and seating are three more. 

Sotheby’s Home is an alternative for those who can’t attend a live auction. Shop the new arrivals, vintage gems, and private sales.   

New York City is America’s original cosmopolitan city. Therefore, it’s no surprise that several luxury design stores reside in NYC, including Area.

Area places a focus on bedding and home accessories in the tradition of Swedish design and quality. Reinventing your home means starting anew, so don’t forget to look at the bedding offered by the luxury market.

In 2021, luxury isn’t stuffy. Area shows that luxurious bedding for a home reinvention provides quality, originality, and functionality. Luxurious bedding means long-lasting fibers, curated materials, and endless design possibilities.

You’ll also find some furniture pieces, items for the kitchen, and clothing at Area.

As you reinvent your home, pay close attention to the flooring. It’s possible to carpet all the bedrooms, living area, and home office. Follow it with tile flooring for the kitchen and bathroom. Some people decide to add hardwood floors throughout the entire home. 

Both carpets and hardwood floors pair well with rugs, such as those sold by luxury design store Lawrence of La Brea. 

There’s no shortage of rug styles, sizes, and colors. The luxury rug curator focuses on accumulating an inventory of stylish, quality, and comfortable rugs for every dance of life. 

Purchasing a series of rugs for your home reinvention helps you exude your personality. Set up a different mood in every room with a unique rug, or opt for a cohesive theme.

When you browse the inventory online, pick your preferred size and material. Next, pick your preferred country of origin, production technique, and price range. 

LuxeDeco offers an inventory of luxury furniture, designer homeware, and lighting. This luxury retailer draws its inspiration from the British tradition. The team provides guidance, trade services, and interior service. If you’re not sure where to begin your luxury home reinvention, LuxeDeco’s team spends time helping you with browsing your options.

The tastemakers understand that a home reinvention is an investment. To maximize it, combine elements, high-quality materials, and sturdy construction.

Thanks to their experience, there are several online galleries to view. As a luxury design store that caters to an international clientele, you can order and receive the product in most major cities.

Browse furniture for your living room, bedroom, and dining room. In addition, they curate desks, shelving units, and office chairs for your home office. 

Luxury clothing designers spread their wings and moved into the home space including Armani. If you enjoy this fashion house’s runway looks, you might enjoy their high-end interior designs too.

Armani/Casa carries wallpapers and exclusive textiles that will reinvent your home. Expect to find furnishings with clean lines, elegant details, and minimalist features.

Part of Armani’s draw is its exclusivity. The fashion house carries this tradition over to its home line. Shop the limited edition collections and furniture, lighting, and carpets. Armani/Casa also carries decor, tableware, and board games. Plus, there are gift ideas perfect for housewarming. 

If you’re not sure how to start reinventing your home, Armani/Casa provides an exclusive service to help you out.

In addition, Armani is one of several fashion houses that made their way into the interior design space. Calvin Klein, Fendi, and Oscar de la Renta are others.


To reinvent your home, browse your luxury design store options and gain some inspiration. Once you’re comfortable with a design direction, pick your favorite store. Start with the rugs and work your way up with furniture and furnishings.

A redesign allows you to have fun shopping for the latest luxury offerings, become creative during the process, and finish with a result that you’ll enjoy living in for the next several years.

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