Sun. Sep 24th, 2023
Battle of the Mattresses: California King vs. King Which is Right for You

As we dig deeper into luxury and comfort, let’s compare two of the most popular mattress sizes: the California King vs. King. Find out which spectacular mattress size is the best, and locate the one that would work best in your ideal sleeping environment.

Comparison Chart

King SizeCalifornia King Size
Length80 inches (203 cm)84 inches (214 cm)
Width76 inches (193 cm)72 inches (183 cm)
UsageMaster bedrooms typically contain king-size beds.Most master bedrooms have California king-size beds.
CostA king-sized bed and mattress will cost more than a queen-sized bed and mattress of the same size.It’s possible that California king beds and their accompanying accouterments (such as linens) would run you a little more than king beds would.
Also Known AsTraditional European Eastern KingWestern King (in Europe)

Should I get a mattress sized as a King or a California King?

The decision between a normal king and a California king mattress requires careful consideration of several criteria to determine which option will provide you with the most satisfying sleep.

Room Dimension

Dimensions of the Room You should have a minimum of two feet of room on all three sides of your mattress for optimal comfort. This will ensure sufficient space for walking and moving around the bed. Additionally, the presence of this space gives the impression that the mattress is at home in the room and does not make the area feel cramped. 

If your bedroom is on the smaller side, you might want to consider the slimmer profile of the California king mattress. Due to the width of the conventional “Eastern” king-sized mattress, this option may also be suitable for your space if it is slightly larger than average.


The California king size is substantially more difficult to get than the standard king size, even though it has gained in favor in recent years. Because of this, shopping for box springs, bed frames, linens, mattress protectors, and pretty much any other accessory is more challenging and expensive. 

It’s just a fact that when it comes to the selection of bedroom furnishings, there are not nearly as many options available for California king mattresses as there are for normal king mattresses. 

If you are on a more limited spending plan and are searching for the most reasonably priced mattresses, it would be more sensible to go with the regular king size. This is because shopping for your accessories will be much simpler if you do so.

Your Height

The California king mattress might be your best choice if you are over 6 feet tall. The additional length will give you more breathing room from your head to your toes. This is largely a matter of taste and preference. 

Your Sleeping Spouse

If you sleep with a spouse and are interested in purchasing one of the best mattresses available for couples, you must consider both of your specific tastes. Because of its somewhat reduced width, the California king mattress is a better option for couples who frequently sleep in a position in which they are close to or even physically touching one another. 

Similarly, if you value your room while you sleep, the regular king mattress, slightly larger than the other sizes, is probably the most suitable choice.

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