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Be Aware Of These Key Elements of Brand Before You Make One

When talking about a brand, we can’t stray away from the term branding. Especially, for those who are interested to start a business or going to expand it. Worth noting, that branding is the process to make a brand. In this complex process, there are some key elements of a brand you should know beforehand. To make a clear and best brand possible, consider checking this list of elements and the brief explanations.

This Are the Key Elements You Should Consider In The Process Of Making A Brand

1. Brand Identity

Just as the name says, this element explains the meaning and the use of the brand. The brand is an easily recognizable name of your product or organization. In this case, the name will be the first thing that tells people about you. It can be in the form of a logo, visual, or name cara membuat merek. Brand identity is the way people recognize the brand along with the organization that produces a certain product (your company).

2. The Brand Image

Brand image is how people think about a certain product or brand. It is literally about the idea of a certain brand developed in people’s minds. For example, a luxurious Ferrari brand is always known for the expensive car. Thus, it is highly unlikely that the brand will make a budget car. This one of the key elements of a brand is an element that allows people to dictate what they expect from a particular brand.

3. Brand Personality

According to the experts, the brand also needs to have personality. Just like the personality of human beings. Some products should be able to convey a certain personality it has, along with certain emotional or personal qualities. You can imagine a brand that specifically made or associate with youthfulness which tends to appears in bright colors. This element including color and the typography.

4. Brand Positioning

Brand positioning refers to what category the brand belongs to. At some point, this element refers to the place where your product will be placed in the market. This kind of element is important to dictate what segments of the market the brand targeting to. Is it for women? For men? Does it have a specific ingredient that will alter the positioning? For example, the woman cigarettes which is only for women.

5. Brand Extension

Do you plan to extend the brand beyond the origins? These key elements of the brand hold the vital point of your branding process. If you do want to explore new fields or go beyond the original plans, you need to think ahead about the design and the brand identity. You can see the Airbnb brand for example. The A logo is a very simple pendaftaran merek, yet it can be modified according to the field, seasons, or other features.

6. Brand Communication

What it is means by communication here is about the ability to convey the message the brand has. At some point, the brand should have a certain message and an idea about itself. A strong and good brand should be able to deliver information such as the benefit to the consumers through various sources. It can be from the advertisement, punchlines, hoarding, or brochures.

7. Brand Equity

If you wonder what it is means, you could look at Apple’s phone as an example. The brand is known as the technology brand that perceived as a premium and high technology brand. Which is valued on a different level (both the price and the image). This one of the key elements of the brand refers to the brand’s value. This element may include the tangible financial value of the brand.

8. Brand Differentiation

As the name suggests, this element refers to how the brand will be differentiated from the rest of the crowd. It can be said that you need a brand that stands out, unique, memorable, and interesting for the buyers. It can be in different aspects. Maybe you put this particular element on the product ingredients. Such as a dog dry food that makes a different product using turkey or beans as the main ingredient.

9. Brand Experience and Brand Gap.

Brand experience and gap are two different key elements. But, both are somewhat related to each other. Experience refers to everything that buyers or users go through while purchasing or using the brand. On the other hand, the bandgap refers to the difference between the promise and the user experience. These key elements of the brand also refer to different expectations and reality.

Those are the ten main elements that important and hold a vital point in making a good brand. The brand itself is the identity of your product or company. All of the aspects of your product will represent in the elements, such as the image, personality, position, value, and communication. Along with that the brand value, differentiation, experience, and gap will be important for the growth of the product and the organization itself.

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