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Encompassing the beauty of the tropical islands, sunny beaches and turquoise water – Andaman with its 572 islands is the honeymoon destination of India. Taking the newlyweds to the serene beauty and calming environment in nature, this archipelago has profound activities and indulgences to make during the honeymoon period.

From romantic beaches, candlelight set-ups to luxury resorts, thrilling adventures and unending view of the sea – Andaman is one of the few places surrounding that feels like a luxury international holiday while being in the vicinity of the country.

Honeymoon in Andaman offers the beauty of luxury resorts that overlook the stunning beaches and golden sunsets while also being indulgent on a variety of water sports and activities. The beaches of Andaman are sheer pleasure to walk on. Here are some of the best beaches you must visit in Andaman with your spouse.

Havelock Island and its beaches

Part of the Ritchie’s Archipelago, Havelock Island is the heart and soul of the Andaman Islands. Extending through the paradisiacal coastline, the white sand beaches of Havelock aren’t just soothing and calming but also decorated with ideas of adventure.

While the revering beauty of the beach is perfect for some secluded time by the splash of water, one can indulge into water sports like scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing, Jet Skiing, sea walking, boat riding, angling, etc on the beach. Havelock is one of the few beaches that stay active all day long due to its crowd fascinated by the water sports of Andaman. During the season, this Island with its numerous small beaches remains the most crowded with adventure enthusiasts and honeymoon couples alike.

Radhanagar Beach

Like a slice of paradise,  Radhanagar beach is one of the most stunning beaches of Andaman. Crowned as one of Asia’s best beaches and the 7th best in the world, Radhanagar beach has its pristine beauty with white sand and splashes of clear blue waters makes it feel like a paradise.

The lofty trees, greenery and the silent feel of the beach kindle the romantic side of you taking a walk by the beach one of the most enigmatic experiences with your partner. For some silent time and seclusion in the aura of romance, the Radhanagar beach is but one of the best picks. Click a few pictures too as the coastline is one of the most beautiful in the whole of Andaman.

Elephant Beach

Lending its name from the presence of the elephants in the nearby regions, the Elephant beach has some of the stunning coral reefs and exotic marine life. A 40-minute jetty ride from Havelock, Elephant Beach is a truly unique experience.

Once you get down on the white sand shore, you cannot contain the stunning beauty and presence of the beach. This beach has several water sports to indulge into which include snorkeling, sea walking, scuba diving, angling, etc. On a bright sunny day when the crowd is relatively low and the weather favors you can even find some baby elephants chilling by the beach.

Long Island beach

One of the most off-beat places to explore in Andaman with your spouse, the unspoiled land of Long Island is but an exquisite expedition. Unplug from the hustle and bustle of the crowded places to visit this relatively unexplored beach on the Andaman seascape for stealing some private moments in disguise.

The beauty of this beach lies in the rock formations, barren land and the long coastline that is celebrated with lush greenery and splash of clear waters. You shall not find too many people visiting the crowd. There aren’t any shacks or restaurants too. Thus visiting this beach a close-to-nature experience!

Vijayanagar Beach

Often called the Beach No. 5, Vijayanagar Beach is one of the sought after destinations in India to explore the underwater world of the Andaman. There are stunning views, revering tranquility and sense of solace on this beach that connects the travelers for a fun-filled time.

With your spouse, you can rest back on the beach and experience complete solace and joy. The presence of the water sports complexes facilitates with scuba diving and snorkeling experience that remains mostly untouched by the crowd. As you dive into the underwater world of Andaman here, you have the best time of your life meeting the sea animals in their natural habitat.

Bharatpur Beach

Popular for its fascinating glass boat ride that gives a glimpse of the colorful corals and the rich marine life prominent to this beach, Bharatpur beach is but an indulgence to make for the water lovers. The white sand beach unfolds its beauty with cleanliness and stunning views.

Like a wide blanket spread on the uneven texture of Neil Island, this beach truly is one of the iconic beaches inviting travelers for some fun time. The unadulterated marine life by the beach is sheer excitement to visit. There are scuba diving, sea walking and snorkeling expeditions available by the beach.

Kala Pathar Beach

Owing to its natural beauty and presence of the black rocks and stones on the beach, Kala Pathar beach is one of the cleanest and most unexplored beaches of Andaman. About 12kms away from the Havelock Islands, the beach is widely known for its natural beauty and presence.

Up until now the beach had truly remained secluded and reserved for tourism, but the travelers have now started visiting the beach for its natural beauty. With advanced facilities, expert teachers and well-equipped tools one can explore the marine life surrounding the beach. The black presence of the beach on the backdrop of white sands, green jungles, and pristine blue water makes for a picture-perfect place for your visit during the honeymoon.

When visiting Andaman with your spouse it is but a delight to explore the vivid beaches of this impeccably huge archipelago. As you make your way through the pristine white sand beaches, black rock beaches, and reverent coastlines, Andaman showers its love over you with its serenity, tranquility and revering peace!

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