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linen skirts

Linen is an unmistakable material. Its clean lines, posh and soft forms are often the foundation of what makes a great piece of clothing. High-quality linen skirts from Lithuania are no exception.

Since it’s the summertime, more and more ladies will look for something comfortable and great to wear during hot summer days, which makes skirts the obvious and ideal choice for that matter.

This article will discuss why you should consider linen skirts as a summer clothing choice.

Why should you consider linen skirts?

In our opinion, linen is a fabric that encompasses what it’s like to look like a woman. It’s very feminine, light, and posh in its texture, often coming in unique color schemes that can easily help you separate yourself from the crowd.

Even if you’re on the more conservative side when it comes to fashion and you just want to have something that can make you feel comfortable during the warmer days of the summer, then a linen skirt can simply be a piece of clothing that you occasionally wear and brighten up your wardrobe in a way.

What can you wear along with your linen skirt?

Naturally, the possibilities to combine two or more pieces of clothing to create a unique-looking outfit are endless, but you still may be wondering what you can wear alongside your linen skirt to create an outfit that completely stands out.

Below, we give out a few ideas on how to combine linen skirts with something else from your wardrobe.

First of all, take a long white linen skirt and combine it with a button-down skirt from your wardrobe. In ideal terms, your shirt should also be in a light color, maybe something like a pink or light blue tone.

It’s important to not tighten your posture too much, so you can freely roll up your sleeves if you want to give yourself some unrestricted freedom. A great element to top your look would be to choose a set of great shoes or some accessories like jewelry.

For shoes, both sandals and sneakers work really well, so you can choose whatever feels more right to you.

Midi skirts can work well with this as well, if you prefer shorter skirts, so be on the lookout for them as well. 

Next, let’s talk about some choices for your party clothing. Often, a girl wants to look a bit extra when it comes to being at a party with her closest friends.

If you don’t have many ideas on how to look great with your linen skirt, consider our combo. Take a linen pencil skirt in a darker tone (a black or navy blue variant would be ideal) and select a top with a V neck and wide sleeves.

Without a doubt, this will certainly create a stylish, powerful, and quite sophisticated look. If you don’t want a boxy look, make sure that your top is a bit looser on the bottom end.

Finally, you should consider an outfit for the days where you plan to go to the beach. Typically, we recommend going for a simple linen miniskirt and t-shirt top, a combination which more than does the trick.

This is perfect since you’re likely to go for a swim when you’re at the beach and you won’t have a difficult time putting your bikini up this way.

Typically, a lighter color scheme works better with this combo, however, you shouldn’t restrict yourself with a set in stone combination. If it’s sunny outside and you’re in a good mood, why not go for something more colorful?

Of course, these are just a few ideas and the combinations are pretty much endless. To see what works best for you, head on to an online shop that will take care of your clothing needs in linen.


All in all

In this article, we’ve briefly talked about linen skirts and what a stylish item they can truly be. Combine them with some other pieces of clothing, and you got yourself an outfit for a beach trip, a party, or a casual day.

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