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In India, the practice of applying oil on one’s body has existed since time immemorial. This practice was known as ‘Abhyanga’ and this process entailed the application of high quality oils on oneself every day.

Just as applying oils on one’s body is highly beneficial, the same can be said about applying oil on one’s hair. In the ancient Ayurvedic texts it is written that the oils extracted from various medicinal plants provide a host of health benefits. It is well known that massaging oil helps to calm the nerves as well as stimulate blood flow while helping the body and even the scalp to absorb all the nutrients from the oil.

There are several benefits one can derive from massaging oil on one’s scalp. Applying oil on one’s scalp is a highly recommended practice as it gives a boost to hair and scalp health by stimulating the hair follicles. This results in better growth of hair, besides providing the hair and the scalp with various essential nutrients. 

The application of oil on one’s scalp helps to moisturise the hair and prevent dryness while giving lustre, shine and strength to the hair. Oiling one’s hair also helps to soften the hair and replenish the vitamins and minerals that get washed away due to frequent washing or shampooing. 

The practice of applying oil on one’s hair has spread beyond Ayurveda and it is gaining popularity across cultures. There are numerous benefits of massaging oil on one’s hair. These include:

  • Moisturising the hair and scalp
  • Stimulating hair growth 
  • Nourishing hair follicles as well as the roots
  • Helping to fix split ends
  • Making hair lustrous and shiny
  • Strengthening hair follicles
  • Reducing frizz in the hair
  • Helping to combat hair fall
  • Preventing premature greying of hair
  • Preventing dandruff
  • Helping to keep the scalp cool
  • Protecting the hair from heat damage
  • Helping to prevent scalp infections

Today, there are several hair oils to choose from to apply on one’s hair and massage one’s scalp with. According to the Ayurveda, it is recommended that one should massage oil on one’s hair every day as part of a daily routine or dinacharya. There are also different and specific techniques of hair oiling. This article in Healthline talks about the benefits of oiling one’s hair as well as how often to do so.

In today’s world where there are an assortment of cosmetic products readily available in the market, the importance of an oil massage on one’s hair cannot be emphasised enough. This is because Ayurvedic hair oils are natural and pure, and provide benefits to one’s hair without letting the hair and scalp absorb the harmful chemicals that many such cosmetic products contain. 

Let us take a look at some of the most popular and well known oils for hair!


  • Coconut oil


Coconut oil is the oil extracted from the coconut. Coconut oil is a colourless and relatively tasteless oil with a uniquely identifiable and easily recognisable scent. This oil contains many properties which are beneficial for hair health. Coconut oil is very popular in tropical countries like India as this oil helps to moisturise the scalp and keep hair dryness at bay. It also helps to prevent dandruff and a flaky scalp. KMP coconut oil has antiviral and antibacterial properties and is rich in beneficial fatty acids, proteins as well as antioxidants. Effective in helping with the repair of skin and the prevention of hair breakage, coconut hair oil is an excellent choice for applying on one’s hair.


  • Amla oil


Amla oil is the oil extracted from the amla plant, which, in English, is known as the ‘Indian gooseberry’. Amla oil is an extremely important oil in the field of Ayurveda. Amla hair oil is a nutrient rich oil and contains many medicinal properties. Amla oil is a natural astringent, which makes it an excellent oil to use on one’s hair. Amla oil is rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin C, polyphenols, minerals as well as calcium and potassium. 


  • Jasmine oil


Jasmine oil is the oil extracted from the jasmine flower. Jasmine oil is very popular because of its unique and appealing sweet smell. Jasmine oil is highly recommended for applying on one’s hair because of the nutrients it contains. Jasmine oil contains antimicrobial properties and it has been shown to be a natural healer. This oil is also helpful in strengthening hair as well as helping to prevent hair breakage. 


  • Bhringraj oil


Bhringraj oil is the oil that is extracted from the Bhringraj plant. Bhringraj is a very important herb in Ayurveda, and it is widely regarded as a ‘wonder herb’. Bhringraj is hailed as the ‘king of herbs’ because of its numerous benefits for health. Bhringraj oil is rich in several nutrients which include Vitamin D, Vitamin E, magnesium, calcium, iron as well as polypeptides. This oil is rich in proteins, making it ideal for applying on one’s hair, and it promotes hair growth, hair lustre while also helping to prevent hair fall.


  • Fenugreek oil


Fenugreek oil is the oil extracted from the fenugreek plant. Fenugreek is known more popularly in India as ‘methi’, and it is known for its widespread use as an ingredient in Indian cooking. Fenugreek oil is rich in iron, magnesium and manganese and is a very good oil for hair. It is said that fenugreek oil helps to stimulate blood flow to the scalp and provide nourishment to hair follicles, which in turn help in the development of healthier and stronger hair. This oil is also highly useful as it helps in combating dandruff.

These are just some of the various Ayurvedic oils that you can apply on your hair. Each oil has its own set of nutrients that offer their own benefits and help to address various hair conditions. 

KMP Ayurvedic offers you an extensive selection of the finest quality Ayurvedic hair oils as well as other Ayurvedic personal care products for your various requirements. One of the leading brands in the personal care industry, KMP Ayurvedic is proud to be a part of your personal care routine by offering a range of products that are beneficial, affordable and effective. 

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