Fri. Jun 14th, 2024

You might not have ever heard about Active Release Therapy (ART) at the moment, but it’s rapidly becoming an increasingly popular method for natural healing. ART has growing popularity in the world of professionals, trainers, researchers, chiropractors, and trainers for its efficacy.

The ART method is a treatment for soft tissues that work to ease strained, damaged muscles and tight and damaged trigger points on nerves, which is a significant factor in lessening joint strain. Additionally, other issues related to the major muscle groups, the fascia (connective tissue), and ligaments and tendons can be treated with ART.

Active Release Therapy (also known as Active Release Technique) can aid.

Today, I’ll provide a brief overview of the 9 advantages of Active Release Therapy. Are you suffering from any of these issues and searching for relief or want to know more about Active Release Therapy?

Help prevent injuries

Some injuries will form scar tissue. As this occurs, muscles begin to shrink and tighten; they become more vulnerable to injuries. Therefore, ART can reduce the likelihood of suffering from tears, pulls, strains, and other muscle or joint injuries.

Improve the athletic performance and enhance function

The ART treatment helps restore the regular function of connective tissue and muscles, which reduces inflammation and helps keep the body in good shape. Recent research suggests that ART treatments improve athletic performance, especially running. This is that describes ART as “one of the fastest roads to recovery” for a serious and professional athlete!

Treat Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Based on a research investigation published in The Journal of Chiropractic Medicine, the ART method can be successful in the treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome as well. After only three treatments per week for two weeks, the patients reported “significant improvement” in the intensity and severity of symptoms caused by their carpal tunnel and increased mobility, and improved functioning.

Reduce lower back pain

Did you know low back discomfort is the primary factor in disability worldwide? In reality, 50% of active adults suffer from back pain at any time of the year, and an 80percent of the U.S. population will suffer back pain at some time during their lives. But ART is a great way to break up scar tissue and release compressed nerves, especially in the glutes and upper legs and glutes, which has been proven to ease lower back pain.

Increase the range of motion, particularly after an injury

If someone is injured brutally, like major injuries from sports and auto accidents and accidents at work, their motion is affected. In reality, 70 percent of adults will suffer from neck discomfort or loss of activity in the neck area throughout their lives. However, one of the significant advantages of ART is that it helps treat chronic neck pain and frees the range of motion that is normal.

Increased flexibility

Through a natural process of reducing adhesions and scarring on joints and muscles and working on tightened and stretched muscles, ART has been demonstrated to improve flexibility. A single ART treatment can significantly improve flexibility, especially in your shoulders and legs.

Reduce inflammation

Active Release Technique performs another critical task by promoting the flow of joints’ fluid through the body, which stimulates our lymphatic system and, consequently, aids in naturally reducing inflammation levels.

Avoid medications with adverse side effects and risky prescription painkillers.

A chiropractor known as Dr. Leahy created his patented ART formula; he discovered that he could treat 90% of the ailments his patients suffer from naturally – without medication and prescription painkillers. Today, many medicines have adverse consequences that cause an unending cycle of the risk of addiction, and overdoses from prescription painkillers are reaching an epidemic level in the United States. ART is a safe, natural, and medication/prescription-free alternative.

Improve your quality of life

Chronic neck pain, back discomfort, mobility loss, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, inflammation, and tightness are common for adults today regardless of whether we’ve sustained an injury in sports, an accident, or even excessive use in our work.

With ART, patients can recover and heal quickly and efficiently using safe, natural methods instead of dangerous prescription painkillers or medications.

It also impacts the other aspects of your life and your sleep quality as you get better, feel better, and your body returns to its homeostasis state.

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