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GPS tracker

With all the brands coming out with new and exciting motorcycles every year, the craze for motorcycle riding has shot up. Motorcycles are not only used as a mode of transport but are a passion and dream for many. The best part about motorcycles is that it will take you anywhere you feel like with no restrictions. And also motorcycles are known to provide the best fuel economy. 

With the increase in motorcycle riding, the concern for safety has also increased. Most of the latest high-end motorcycles are equipped with safety features like abs and traction which helps to protect you against accidents. But there is one more feature that needs to be installed in the motorcycle for added safety and that is a GPS tracker for bike

Just like four-wheelers, a GPS car tracker such as those provided by Infiniti Tracking, can prove to be of great use for added safety and security of both the motorcycle and the rider. Even though a GPS tracker is not installed by the factory, it is a must-have accessory for your bike as It has a lot of added benefits.

The benefits of GPS tracker for bike are as follows:

  • Location Tracking  

The main benefit of a GPS tracker is location tracking. You can track real-time locations of your loved ones. This helps the parents to keep a check on the kids and their location all the time. It also helps the adventure riders who are out for exploring new places. It will help you to get back on track if you are lost in an unknown location. It can also help you to draw a digital fence in the map and will show you a notification on your app if you cross that fence. 

  • Speed tracking

The biggest concern of parents is that their kids ride motorcycles in a rash and risky way. Kids nowadays want to own a motorcycle as soon as they turn 18 and this increases the chances of accidents and mishaps as they tend to race and ride extremely fast. 

With a GPS tracker installed in the bike, parents can keep a check on the speed on the bike and also put a speed limit on it, if the bike crosses that speed you will get a notification on your mobile app. You can also set up a speed limit with some of the trackers.

  • Fleet tracking

If you own a bike rental business or a fleet of two-wheeler taxis then GPS tracker is a must-have device for you. These devices will not only help you to track your bikes but also act as a safety feature for the customers. For your business it helps in many ways like route optimization, saving fuel cost, vehicle safety, etc. GPS tracker is the best tool for fleet tracking and management. 

  • Protection against theft

GPS tracker is the best tool to protect your bike from theft. Burglars always have their eyes on bikes as it is much easier to steal a bike as compared to a car. In the event of that, you can get the live location of where your bike is and it can be of great use for the cops to catch the burglars. 

Some latest trackers also come with an immobilizer. If you realize that your bike is stolen then with the help of a mobile app you can immobilize the engine which will force the robber to leave the bike and escape. 

  • Easy to install and use

The best part about these trackers is that they are very easy to install. They can be installed under the seat or under the fuel tank. They are either waterproof or come with waterproof casing. You can install it yourself without going to a garage just by following the manual provided with it. And by downloading a mobile software your tracker is ready to use. 

  • Track use

If you are a track rider then a GPS tracker will not only help to keep your expensive race bike safe, but it will also help you to keep a track of your lap timings and improve your performance on the track. GPS tracker will help you to find out your speed, timing and overall performance on the racetrack. 

Even though these trackers are not offered as a factory-fitted part, it is advised that you get your bike equipped with one. It is easy to install and easy to use. It will ensure safety for you, your bike and your loved ones. Maybe in the near future bike manufacturers will use these trackers as a mandatory safety feature.

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