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Imagine yourself trying to buy something online and your app is mal-functioning. It is slow, taking time reaching to check out. How would you respond? The probability is high of you never going back to that site. With that, the credibility of the company starts plummeting. Now, place yourself on the other side. As an entrepreneur, losing a customer may not make much difference but when you start losing a lot, you will find yourself on a tightrope.

Magento 1 had a huge cheer when it was launched. It had several advantages that allowed users to launch their e-commerce sites effectively. But time has changed. So, it needs of such sites. That is why opting for the Magento upgrade service is necessary.

What makes Magento 2 better than Magento 1?

When it comes to upgrading from Magento 1 to Magento 2, keeping its benefits in mind has an advantage. Their comparative study reveals

  • A faster performance. It performs better by at least 30%-50%
  • Magento 2 is known for its reliance on PHP7, whereas Magento 1 had PHP5
  • Developers opt for Magento 2, which creates scope for constant development
  • Better options for themes and increased UX /UI customization potential
  • Magento 2 can handle pressure better
  • Provides opportunities to multiple admins to work in sync on the backend

What are its structural benefits?

There are several advancements made in the structure of Magento 2 that gives it an edge. In keeping touch with the changes taking place in various platforms, the software architecture of Magento 2 has been designed. Let’s take a look at them:

  • Support for advanced software- The technological brilliance of Magento 2 lies with its ability to run programs in sync with several advanced software. Their collaborative efforts would ensure a seamless performance. It works with software like Zend Framework, PSR-1, PHP, PSR-0, PSR-3, PSR-2, and PSR-4 (Coding Standards), HTML5, CSS3 (LESS pre-processor), Composer, RequireJS, JQuery, Nginx, Symfony, Apache, Gulp, MySQL, Twig
  • The benefit of PHP7- PHP7 is often touted as the next-generation solution and it allows customization to a great extent. This would ensure remarkable performance from your e-commerce site
  • Its performance is scalable- Magento 2 has a robust structure with flexible features, which allows handling of remarkable pressure without creating hassles for the booming entrepreneur
  • Admin interface is unparalleled- when you are planning smooth and effective performance for your business, you have to keep an eye on your admin panel. Why is it necessary? If it takes time to function, the performance starts dipping. In Magento 2, the learning curve is not that steep and allows easy handling. Even it is friendly with non-technical people. The admin panel also provides an option for several users to work simultaneously without overlapping codes. This increases the efficiency of the e-commerce site
  • Speed has volumes to speak– What people prefer while surfing a site is speed. Magento 2 is loaded with it. The software can easily rely on its built-in caching service and Varnish support. These two tools reduce the loading time of a page and increase the speed of the site performance by at least 50%.
  • It gels well with mobile- The current paradigmatic shift in the buying pattern from desktops to mobile is creating a demand for better functioning of a site. This leads to innovation and increased mobile-friendliness. Such support would definitely boost Magento upgrade service
  • SEO-friendly- This is something that would make Magento 2 migration services alluring. The future of a company relies on SEO functions and Magento 2 offers a full suite of it with index management, prefixes and suffixes, canonical tags and more. This increases your chance of getting found in Google
  • Developers’ delight- Magento 2 is structured in such a way that it stays a step ahead than the need, which is why developers always prefer this to work on. The advanced structuring allows easy access for developers. Also, developers get ample time to test their products thoroughly
  •  Comes with enhanced security- Its design incorporates the latest countermeasures for security threats. All the more reasons for developers demanding a Magento upgrade service

What are the downsides?

Such a prolific software is not flawless. It has quite a few slips that you need to know before you embark.

  •         The product comes with a high price tag, which means substantial setup cost
  •         It requires time to develop the entire thing and also expertise. The complexity of the platform is not that easy to handle owing to which you need expert hands to work with
  •         Migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2 is cumbersome. Extensions of Magento 1, at times, do not sync with Magento 2

But downsides weigh nothing when it comes to return on investment. That is why upgrading to Magento 2 would be a good option. 


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