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As technology is progressing each day, we are waking up to new concepts and terminology every day. The latest buzzword that is all over the digital marketing industry is “OTT” or over-the-top. It refers to video distribution through the internet.  All the movies and shows that you have been watching lately on the internet enabled smart TV are referred to as over the top.

The OTT services can be broadly classified into 3 categories-

  • Subscription based (for e.g.: Netflix Amazon)
  • Free and Ad-supported (for e.g.: Crackle)
  • Transactional services (for e.g.: iTunes, Amazon instant video)

The concept of OTT is believed to be the greatest and most inevitable merger between the television and the digital world. The term OTT is used when film and TV content are made available to users via the internet and not the traditional cable or satellite.

The increasing popularity of OTT solutions can be directly linked to the advantages that it offers the viewers.  Imagine watching your favorite shows at a time convenient to you, without leaving your important chores aside. This is what OTT is doing. So, let us dive right into the advantages of OTT.

  • Convenience at it’s best- The most lucrative feature of OTT is that it provides convenience to viewers. In a world where each one is a busy day in and day out, it is practically impossible to catch up with shows at a particular time every day. OTT made a dashing entry, by allowing viewers to watch their shows anytime anywhere. So, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your favorite videos even at 2 am.

Also, one can enjoy the hassle-free subscription. You may subscribe to more than OTT channel and unsubscribe whenever you want. There are no lengthy subscription procedures and things are cool and easy.

  • Variety is the spice of life- As the famous saying goes, “variety is the spice of life” with OTT solutions viewers can enjoy all genres of shows. Your news can enjoy a wide variety of shows as per your choice. You can enjoy movies, sports, videos, classic tv, and much more. The best part is that you can access shows from other countries and enjoy your favorite ones whenever you want.
  • Pick a device of your choice- Unlike traditional TV; OTT gives you the freedom to enjoy popular tv shows and much more not only on TV but on any portable device like a laptop, smartphone, or i-pad. With the onset of OTT, gone are the days when viewers needed to sit right in front of the TV to catch up with their favorite shows.
  • Cost- One of the most prominent benefits of OTT is the cost factor involved. As compared to the traditional Tv cable/satellite the cost that one needs to incur on OTT is only a fraction. Viewers have many options to choose from like premium membership or standard membership package. However, one can enjoy all types of channels and shows even with the basic membership package.
  • Connectivity- All that one needs to enjoy movies and sports is a high-speed broadband connection and a PC or mobile. So, if one has a good internet connectivity and a device that is all one needs to spend a day off happily.
  • Win-Win situation for customers- With the competition getting intense between OTT and traditional network carriers, it is the consumers who are benefitting the most. In order to keep afloat in the market, network providers and OTT solution providers are coming up with more and more lucrative offers and plans in order to attract new customers and hold back the existing
  • Geographic limitation- With the emergence of OTT, the whole world has come under one roof and there are no more geographical limitations. OTT serves its viewers everywhere in the world.

Thus, with so many advantages that come with OTT people are choosing OTT solutions for their entertainment purposes. It gives viewers freedom of choice- in the sense that one can watch anything (movies/sports) at their own convenient time with no need to stick to the television set.

The speed with which the popularity of OTT is increasing, it is surely the future of video content for the years to come. There are OTT solution providers that are acting as mediators and helping the network providers to expand by launching tv and mobile apps and digitalize their business.

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