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Recently, Microsoft launched Skype Lite that has been specifically designed for the Indian market. At 13 MB, the app aims to work smoothly on both 2G or unstable connections that make the app more reliable in many parts of India.

A large number of tech giants see India as a huge potential market and are, therefore, directing their efforts toward one of the largest markets. Skype has about 4.9 million active users on a daily basis. The app has downloaded more than a billion times. Although the app was launched in 2003, looks like it has been here forever. It is the oldest, free VoIP calling and messaging service. Its utility has made it the most used software in the business enterprise for formal and informal communication.

Need for Skype Monitoring at the Workplace:

Skype is one of the most common means of communication in the workplace. It allows you with services such as instant messaging and file sharing as well as multiple user video conferencing; a few reasons why it’s getting popular for business interactions.

But if not monitored, it could be a threat to your business. With data breaches and corporate espionage on the rise, employee monitoring has become more important than ever. Should you monitor your employees’ Skype use? To what extent should it be done?

Since employee monitoring is a necessary element for better productivity, monitoring Skype communication has also become important. Here are a few major reasons why employers need to track their employees’ Skype:

Wasting Working Hours:

The constant pings and notifications employees get on their smartphones, are the biggest distractions. It does not take much to distract employees. Skype could be their easy escape as people now pick up their smartphones the moment they have a minute to spare. Employers have grown accustomed to it even that it is nothing but a quick break. But, they spend hours chit-chatting with a colleague or someone else and as a result, waste away work hours.

This negatively impacts work efficiency. Yes, there is no harm in bonding with their colleagues but not at the cost of work quality. Monitoring Skype takes care of that.

Leaking Confidential Data:

The biggest pitfalls in a workplace with unsupervised internet access is data leakage. Unfaithful employees could be secretly leaking confidential information to rivals while chatting on Skype and you’d have no idea!

Although texting and emails are the common means to do so, Skype is also a popular way to carry out unethical activities. Because Skype also supports video calling, that largely increases the chances of data leak to a third party. You cannot know whether your employee is having a business communication or leaking secrets while sitting at your desk; the only way to do so is monitoring Skype.

Personal Calls:

There is another disadvantage of unsupervised Skype access and use by the employees. They use it to make personal calls and video chat with friends and family. Again, this is quite the killer of productivity and has become quite common in workplaces which is not the right thing.

An employee taking a personal call at desk or video chatting with someone disturbs the other employees, too, and is very distracting. Overall, this affects the workplace decorum and environment. Installing a Skype monitoring app on their work phone could greatly help in knowing how much time they use for personal calls on Skype.

How to monitor Skype using a Skype monitoring app?

Is it that easy to track or monitor your employee’s Skype activities? The answer is “yes,” but only if you choose the right Skype monitoring app. A few years back, there were not many online solutions that offered Skype tracking, but thanks to the advancements in the smartphone technology, there are Skype surveillance apps that are capable of tracking Skype calls and chats remotely through smartphones.

The app that we have selected for this purpose is Xnspy. It is not just a simple Skype monitoring app; Xnspy covers almost all the popular social media platforms including Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber and many more. But don’t take it as a social media monitoring app only. It can do a lot more but let us stick to monitoring Skype for now.

Xnspy comfortably complies with all the requirements of any top app. It supports the latest iOS and Android versions, so you can use it on any of them. Without a further ado, let’s see how can you monitor a skype using Xnspy.


  • Sign up: In the first step, you sign up for Xnspy. Remember, Xnspy is only available directly through its website
  • Download: After signing up, an email will be sent to your email ID. It will contain your login information and a download link (in case of an Android phone). Get hold of the target phone and download the app from the link.
  • Install: After downloading, install the app on the target smartphone. It will not take more than 10 minutes.

How to access skype information?

Now that you have installed Xnspy skype monitoring app on the target phone, it will take the app some time to upload the information to your Xnspy cloud account. That time is usually 24-48 hours depending upon the data on the phone. Here is how you can access the Skype-related information using your Xnspy account.

  • Log into your account using your username and password.

Figure 1: Login using your username and password

  • On the dashboard, click on “Messenger,” and a list of all the instant-messaging apps will expand.

Figure 2: Image showing Skype in the Messenger list

  • Click on the “Skype” on this list and all the messages will appear on your screen.

Figure 3: Skype messages in the Xnspy account

  • You can also see the calls and contacts on the skype by clicking them on the top of the screen.

By following these simple steps, you can monitor the skype activities using Xnspy Skype monitoring app. Also, Visit – for trending tech news.

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