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People take interest in and respond to videos better than textual information. Graphics make a piece of writing interesting and motion graphics leverage the developed interest to a next level. This is why video marketing is practically dominating the digital marketing scenario these days.

Why editing is necessary?

The recorded video clips require editing for a pro-look. Additional effects, filters, croppings, and as such editing work are necessary for good results. In this technology-driven era, surely one will consider using a well-designed and appropriately featured software for administering editing job to a video made.

Video editing software

Video editing software is best described as an application program that can manage and monitor the post-production video editing work of digital video sequences, on a computer non-linear editing system. Professionals always use such tools to produce stunning videos.

The Best online video editor is the one that comes with suitable integration capabilities, enhanced set of relevant features and that is easy to access anytime. Here, in this article, we are making an attempt to make your search for best online video editing software a bit simpler and easier.

5 Free Online Video Editing Software

Promo by Slidely

This is a free cloud-based online video making and editing software. The software can be accessed from anywhere round the clock and is available as a SaaS option.

It supports high definition resolution, social sharing, and allows adding text overlay to the videos being edited. It is available with a media library containing pre-made templates and millions of premium video clips that further eases the video editing process.

Promo by Slidely enables you to do video capturing besides editing them. It helps in making necessary adjustments to the speed of the video clips coming one after another. Thousands of pre-licensed attractive music tracks are also available.


You can opt for this platform in case you need a free online video editing software for Mac. Plus, the deployment options are not just restricted to Mac but include web, mobile and mac as well. Users can easily capture videos, create stunning video work, view and share their videos up to 4K resolution for impressive playback.

You are free to edit your videos completely using transitions, text, motion effects, green screen etc. The free version does not include many advanced and attractive features but still it has everything to help you produce visually appealing videos.

You get 1GB cloud storage. The music library contains 22 songs to enable users add music to their videos.

The major highlight of this online video editor allows recording videos and audio tracks directly from the webcam and microphone. This is a robust video editing platform that is not at all difficult for any one to master.


If video editing solution is not the only thing you are searching for but also wish to do movie making then try this one. Kizoa is an efficient digital movie making software. This free online movie maker assists in video editing and capturing videos in ultra HD resolution. Users will also get quality assistance in doing video marketing.

For making movies in ultra HD quality, Kizoa comes with a 4K video editor. Popular as both an online video maker and editor, you can create still and animated collages using still images and videos clips.

Hundreds of special effects and dozens of customizable templates are available. Users can create their own GIFs. You can post your videos on Facebook and YouTube after creating/editing them.


It is counted among the most efficient and highly reliable free online video editing software for Windows users. The deployment options include Linux and Mac as well. It was originally developed as a free and open source 3D creation suite but also can offer extensive help in video editing. It also helps in CPU and GPU rendering, sculpting, modeling, simulations etc.

Video editing becomes easier using its features like speed control, transitions, filters, adjustment layers, keyframes etc. This also offers users with chroma vectorscope, waveform visualization, and audio mixing. Blender comes with around 30+ slots for adding video, images, and effects.


This can be the most suitable digital video editor for those who are searching for free online video editing software with no watermark. It is popular as a robust video editing app with no paid subscription. It does not include a watermark on your video creations. This is highly recommended for primary mobile video editing tasks.

Users can add themes, text, and overlays to customize their videos. You can easily add images on the top of your videos It does not comes with a time restriction for the videos users can edit. In addition to these, you can mute the original sound and add your favorite music to the videos.

The desktop version is not that good and it does not support adding GIF graphics.

These 5 are a few examples among other best free online video editing software available these days. Pick anyone from here or research online if you wish to avail more options to make a final selection.

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