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Smart Gadgets That You Actually Need for Your Car

Cars, or vehicles as they are commonly known, are used on a daily basis to ferry people and cargo from one place toanother. Apart from private vehicles, which are moderately used during the day,we have fleet vehicles that are meant for businesses, which are heavily used.The drivers of both private and fleet cars need to have smart gadgets to helpthem in their daily driving. As much as these devices are now factory made withthe cars, one can still have aftermarket options which will equally offerexcellent solutions.

Here are the top gadgets to have in a car.

dashboard camera

Dashboard Camera

They are commonly known as dashcams and are becoming very popular nowadays. They can be fixed in any car and record with a wide angle lens as it saves the footage on either external or internal storage. Smart dashcams can transmit live footage to a remote location, making it the best for fleet vehicles. Dash cams are now cheap and can help in insurance claims or solve a police case.

Radar Detector

If you are fond of cruising down the highway, this device will come in handy to tell you where police speed guns are. Some sophisticated ones can detect this from many meters away to give you an alert in advance. Although they are illegal in most countries, some still keep quiet about their use. Check if you can use them and purchase one from a reliable seller. One excellent feature to check is the ability to transmit speed data via Bluetooth to your in-dash head unit.

A GPS Tracker

Both fleet vehicles and private ones need a GPS tracker for a couple of reasons. The first one is to know the location of your vehicle through an app or software installed on a remote device. This system also gives live maps for the drivers to navigate even in new places that they have never been. You can buy the best GPS tracking devices from Eyeride Online at an affordable price today. If your vehicle is stolen or gets involved in a carjacking situation, these devices will come in handy.

Android Head Unit

Android has worn itself an excellent reputation in the smartphone industry. Now it has penetrated the vehicle market by providing an excellent entertainment option. A head unit that uses Android software comes with the capabilities of a smartphone. The best part is the possibility to connect your phone and receive calls through the steering buttons. You can also play music and watch videos when you install this on the passenger side.

Bluetooth Diagnostic Tools

With numerous sensors positioned in different parts of a car, it is possible to detect any problem with ease. However, you will need a diagnostic code reader to read the error codes and perform other tasks. A Bluetooth enabled diagnostic dongle is a better option that you can connect with your phone or the Android head unit and read the information.


These tools and gadgets are not hard to get. You can easily buy them either from online stores or your car accessories shops in towns. If you read more, you will be surprised that innovative manufacturers have more in store for you.

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