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Being an open source platform, Google’s Play Store offers tons of apps and games for the Android users. Most people use Android devices as they are more user-friendly and affordable. In today’s generation, parents also offer their kids Android tablet to learn new things and to spend productive time in the home itself. If you too have kids who use Android device, then here we are prepared a list of best Android Games for your Kids. Follow the list, find out the suitable Android games to force kids to stay at home. I have comeup with the platform like 918kiss.  They Can even Make Money by playing games 

Best Android Games for Kids

  1. Build a Truck- Duck Duck Moose

Kids do like to engage with creative games which are very useful to develop their minds. Build a Truck is one of the most innovative games designed for Kids. The game lets your kids build and race their own Monster trucks. You are allowed to customize and build your own truck as per your requirements using different types of objects and tools available.

You can explore Factory, Garage and Race tracks for a variety of purposes. Factory lets you choose the paint color decal, wheels and more of the truck. While Garage lets you collect the suitable cars to earn new medals. You can race your car through snow, jungles, sewers and many other locations.

  1. Lego Creator Islands

Lego is one of the most popular developers in the Play Store offering a variety of games for all types of Android users. The new Lego Creator Islands is all about building your own Islands and exploring them.

The game is full of creativity where you can build your own Lego houses on the beautiful Islands. You can explore the exotic trucks, cars, planes, boats and many other vehicles while playing the game. The game lets you visit new Islands and building new houses and buildings there.

  1. Kids Painting

Not just kids, we adults also love to paint out things. Kids Painting is an innovative painting app which is specially designed for the Kids. The app lets your kids to paint and design their own Arts. The app also allows them to save their Art works.

Built-in color tools and selection tools lets you use different types of images which can be filled with unique colors by yours. You can use all the tools which are available on the app for creating and extraordinary art work.

  1. Endless Alphabet

Endless Alphabet is very useful game for Kids who are learning the Alphabets. The app is designed with interactive UI allowing your kids to learn how to read. Your Kids will love this app as it helps them to start with their ABC’s. The same app helps them to develop their vocabulary.

To make the app more interactive and addictive, each character and word has a unique puzzle to solve. Kids will enjoy solving the puzzles and making themselves entertained using this app. The game offers 100 words to play and learn. Delightful animations make the game more interesting.

  1. Talking Tom Gold Run

Outfits games are most popular games on the Play Store for Android users, and the Talking Tome Gold Run is the new edition for Kids. The new edition of Talking Tom game brings a variety of entertaining features for Kids. Unlike previous editions, this edition is a lot more exciting as you are going to run for the gold throughout the game.

The game serves endless fun for the Kids. The gameplay is pretty simple in which you just need to focus on the path. In between your path, you will have to face many obstacles to stay alive. Moreover, you have to collect the Gold coins lying around to level up yourself in the gameplay. Complete the given missions to gain rewards on a regular basis. You can also apply new tricks to collect useful items for your character and app like 918kiss download.

So, folks, these are Android’s best Games for Kids. Install these games from the given links to a respective Android device or tablet to keep your kids stay at home. If you know any such addictive games for your kids, you can share it with us. We would like to add them in the above list.


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