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Technology Trends That Transformed Start-up Ecosystem This Year

Over the years technology has been continuously offering us modern marvels, which have left us stunned from time to time. We have seen a number of technological advancements like Bluetooth speakers that are portable to voice assistants that are AI-driven and good enough to talk like humans or even better than that. With digitization growing and covering all the aspects of life we are continuously witnessing new innovative and tech-driven products coming up which is capable to influence the day-to-day lives of the people.

So let’s see some of the top tech trends which were responsible in shaping the startup ecosystem in 2018.

  • Artificial Intelligence

    Artificial intelligence is around us for some time now and is one of the buzzwords among startup businesses. The technology has got a fascination towards other new technologies and this trend seems not to come to an end. Artificial Intelligence is said to support and help startup businesses across the world in terms of effectiveness and productivity all the while removing the chances of making human-related errors. Today more startups are using this technology and moving towards government sectors especially the ones like healthcare, agriculture and education. It has also been speculated to have great potential for the courier industry, some London courier services have already made moves to create automated systems for tracking and reporting to enhance productivity. The main use of this technology is to push lead process automation within enterprises and it is needless to say about the role of Artificial Chatbots as the future of customer service.

  • Blockchain Blockchain is a distributed ledger technology which came to the surface few years ago along with the term bitcoin. It helped with cryptocurrency in the beginning but later was put to use for a number of use cases related to real-life like IoT applications, logistics, finance and so on. Blockchain, the future of all industries is now explored and used by different countries in order to maximize transparency, minimize frauds and expedite contract enforcement. Many startup groups across the globe has took this technology with a positive attitude as they believe that it will help to build a support system which is tech-driven as well as boost digitization.
  • Application Program Interface

    Another important technology that dominated the startup industry in 2018 is APIs. APIs are modules which you can integrate into the system and can be used to access data or features of an application or an operating system or any other service. Some of such APIs help startups to become time-efficient by resolving the bottlenecks that come in the way. Lesser turnaround time helps the businesses boost productivity.

  • Augmented Reality

    It was in 2016 that augmented reality caught the eyeballs with the tremendous success of the mobile app game Pokémon Go. The game users were compelled to get out of the couch and get on streets to find the different types of Pokemon scattered out there. Today the technology is used by up many startups and small businesses to come up with more convenient and immersive experience to the customers. For example, when browsing furniture for the new home, the shoppers can get an idea about how the new sofa set would look in the room before they actually buy it and try to fit it in there. Apart from online shopping augmented reality trend in the education and learning has proved to be an important thing in offering better learning process.


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