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Best Android Optimizer App For Your Android Phone An Android optimizer can help your phone stay junk free and keep it in the perfect working condition. Hence, the reason is obvious as to why do you need an Android optimizer. Your phone handles a larger part of your life and therefore is always stuffed with a lot of applications. From photos to videos, games, documents to all sort of files, your phone stores it all. Needless-to-say, they make your device wear out gradually showing signs of clogging up and performing badly. Although they rarely go out of bounds in terms of size, these junk files can still contribute to a large amount of wasted space. Fortunately, there is a solution to this mess. Android luckily offers a lot of apps on the Play Store to do just that. They allow optimization of every function by cleaning your device to keep it as good as new. The best Android Cleaner and Optimizer apps gives you the best possible experience out of your smartphone. Hence, every Android phone should have a good junk cleaner that lives up to its expectations. Read about 7 E-commerce Marketing Tips

Perfect Optimizer for Android – ITL Phone Cleaner

ITL Phone Cleaner is a great tool in this category. It is a very popular Android optimization app designed to clean all junk files on your device and in the process help you regain valuable storage space. Moreover, it comes with a phone booster to free up RAM to boost its processing speed and also takes care of your device’s security with the Antivirus for Android module. ITL Phone Cleaner improves performance by optimizing device memory. It performs cleaning of cache and all other residue files that is responsible for your system slow down and recurring crashes.

Highlights and Features – ITL Phone Cleaner | Android Optimizer

ITL Phone Cleaner is the best junk cleaner for your Android device. But apart from cleaning your phone for junk files, it also keeps a check on your CPU temperature and help you cool it down by closing those apps that has been draining too much battery power. The home screen displays the amount of storage and RAM used so that you get an idea on whether you need to start scanning. Highlights:
  • It is a lightweight app equipped with user friendly UI.
  • It scans and removes residual files to free memory.
  • It boost memory by freeing up RAM space.
  • It prevents CPU from overheating.
  • It scans all applications and lets you uninstall those that you hardly use.
  • It keeps your device free from virus attacks.
  • It provides options to delete duplicate and similar looking images.
  • It saves battery life to terminate unhealthy freezes.
  1. Junk Cleaner
  2. Phone Booster
  3. Social Cleaner
  4. Battery Saver
  5. Duplicate Photos Remover
  6. App Manager
  7. Antivirus for Android
Junk Cleaner This junk cleaner module offers comprehensive cleaning abilities and extensively scans and cleans app cache, system cache, temp files, APK files and empty folders.  Designed with one touch technique, ITL Phone Cleaner can clean up and optimize your device. What does it do?
  • One-tap cleanup feature for safe and secure junk cleaning.
  • Help avoid unhealthy freezes and device lags.
  • Select large unwanted files and clean them up instantly.
Phone Booster The phone booster module give you a new experience in phone optimization. It is a tool to boost RAM memory according to customized settings. It terminates active background processes slowing down your device for a smoother and finer Android experience. What does it do?
  • One-touch speed diagnosis to boost your device.
  • Manages and releases RAM for finer gaming experience.
  • Reduces unnecessary junks cluttering your phone.
Social Cleaner Social Cleaner is another module by ITL Phone Cleaner equipped to clean and manage your media files. It is a simple addition that scans for images, videos and audio files stored in your phone that allow you to clean them and clear up more disk space. What does it do?
  • Lets you analyze and manage media files saved on your device.
  • Cleans unnecessary media files to get more space.
  • Allows faster cleaning under the same tab to save time.
Battery Saver Battery Saver helps you extend your battery life by managing apps and settings that drain power. It terminates all power consuming apps to keep your battery healthy. It accurately displays battery remaining time so that you get a smarter brightness control of your device. Also Check Best Apps to Control Your laptop from Android What does it do?
  • Customizes parameters like WiFi, Bluetooth, Vibration, Brightness and GPS for battery saving.
  • Tracks and displays battery capacity, temperature and usage time left.
  • Lets you create customized profile and enable/ disable different power settings.
Duplicate Photos Cleaner Duplicate Photos Cleaner is the ultimate module that scans your phone duplicate and similar looking photos within seconds. You can delete these photos in one go and recover huge amount of storage space clogging your device. Since, searching is completely automated, it is the perfect fit for your photo gallery. What does it do?
  • Runs camera roll, all photos or selected photos scan without having to finding them manually.
  • Uses fast algorithm to remove duplicate images effortlessly and increase free space.
  • Lets you set matching level to improve the accuracy level of your search.
App Manager App manager keeps your device clean and tidy. As the name suggests, it manages all apps and files on your Android phone. This module sports the option to uninstall applications that you do not use and has been cluttering your device. check this also Techies Blogging What does it do?
  • Allows users to backup APKs for future restore.
  • Quickly access unused apps, monitors and uninstalls them.
Antivirus for Android This Antivirus for Android module offers the best protection of your Android device. Its most highlighted capability include security against viruses and other crucial vulnerabilities complimenting to boosted performance. What does it do?
  • Scans applications and files for virus attacks.
  • Offers real-time protection to protect your personal data.
  • Help your device get rid of privacy risks from unauthorized usage

Outlining ITL Phone Cleaner – Optimizer & Android Cleaner

ITL Phone Cleaner is a pretty simple Android cleaner and optimizer for your smartphone.  From junk cleaning to speed booster, social cleaning, battery saver, duplicate photos removal, app managing to virus scanning, the app puts all these features in a single interface for ease of use. The application is easy, fast and convenient. ITL Phone Cleaner will keep your device running by reclaiming a lot of space and boosting its performance in the process.]]>

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