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Why to choose Zangi as an alternative to Viber? <![CDATA[Why to choose Zangi as an alternative to Viber?]]>

Why to choose Zangi as an alternative to Viber? Author: Stelina W. N. In a world where texting has replaced real conversations during casual meetups, we should think twice before downloading any messaging app. A number of popular messengers are not secure enough for those who care about their privacy. This time let’s talk about Viber in particular and which app can be the best and the most secure alternative to Viber. In case you don’t find Viber interesting anymore or you need a safer platform to chit-chat with your friends, consider downloading Zangi safe messenger. Zangi has got it all; your communication history in never stored on the servers, the messages are encrypted and the app is free to use. Let’s dig in to examine these two messaging apps and find out why Zangi is the best alternative to Viber.

What’s good about Zangi and Viber:

  • Both apps are free to use
  • Both let you send audio and video messages
  • Both support video and audio calls
  • Both have cool stickers to use in your conversations
In many ways these two messaging apps are counterparts, but there are some key differences between Zangi and Viber. What are the differences: Safety If you opt to use Zangi safe messenger, you will not need to worry about your conversations being shared with anyone. Why? Because Zangi does not store any of your messages on the servers, and all the messages are encrypted. As a result, only you and the person you contact are the only people who have access to the messages. Zangi encryption system made it impossible to monitor your conversations, and the only way to see your messages would be compromising your phone. The app is absolutely safe and free. Data Usage Thanks to the cutting-edge technology, Zangi Messenger consumes up to six time less mobile data if you compare to other messengers. This lets you spend incomparably less money if you make video or audio calls. Isn’t this a great solution for frequent travelers and for people who have to make calls in the airports or on the cruise lines?! Slow Internet Connection One of the main differences is that Zangi works even with 2G connection. This is a game-changer! When you are stuck in a deserted place or you have to deal with slow Wi-Fi connection, you will still be able to make audio or video calls. Phone Battery Don’t you want to use your phone, make calls or send video messages for hours? Yeah, we all want that, and Zangi is a winner in this category. It does not drain your phone’s battery as fast as Viber or any other messengers. Availability Last but not least, Zangi Messenger is not banned in any country. This is not the case for Viber and many other messaging apps. Surely, you have heard that Viber might be banned in Russia soon. It has already been banned in China and many other countries by the local communications companies or by the Government. So now your search is over; Zangi has got what we all need and it is ideal for people who travel, for those who care about their privacy and for those who are just looking for an alternative to Viber.]]>

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