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Brown hair colour is a style statement that is loved and appreciated by every fashion enthusiast around the globe. From supermodels to actors and even Instagram influencers love this particular hair colour shade. You can use it to hide your grey hair, style your hair or even change the dynamics of your look with a wee bit of accents here and there. Brown hair colour is available in almost all hair colour brands possible and it is also very much suited for the Indian skin tone. With the right shade of brown hair colour you can achieve some of the best brunette looks that are in vogue in the fashion world. Today, we are here to help you out with the right colours and the right shades to get the brown hair colour look of your dreams. 

  • Caramel balayage: 

Brown hair colour comes in various shades of browns. You can wear this colour any way you want to. It looks different with different hairstyles and skin tones. Even your hair texture can as well impact your final look with brown hair colour. If you’re a beach girl at heart then Caramel Balayage is just the best type of Brunette look you want. Summer is right ahead of us and this is the right time for you to get this shade of brown. Flaunt a sunkissed hair look with caramel balayage all throughout your head and style them in beachy waves. To get a better result, add your caramel balayage highlights right on top of a deep brown global hair colour. 

  • Medium brown hair color:

Some people love to stick to their signature hair colours to date as a fashion statement of their own. Medium brown is one such shade of brown hair colour. You can don this brunette hair look any day because it suits women of every age group and skin tone exactly the same way. You can flaunt your new global hair colour without a hint of doubt with this one. If you want to add more definition to your medium brown hair, then you can definitely throw on some gold streaks to it which will make the whole look a little warmer. 

  • Chocolate brown ombre:

Ombre hair colours are trending these days and rightly so because they are super subtle but so bold at the same time. Chocolate brown ombre is a really chic colour option that elevates your hair game to the next level in the blink of an eye. You can sport this hair colour with all possible hairstyles and skin tones as well. This is a neutral hair colour that is readily available in the market for you to access. Indian hair colour brands like Godrej Expert Rich Creme also come in various shades including brown. Grab a pack of this neutral brown hair colour and get a gen-z subtle hair look super soon. 

  • Dark Mahogany:

As the name suggests,  is a  colour specifically designed for the true fans of the darkest brunette hair look. To put it simply, this hair colour is a darker shade of the wood brown colour. People with an Indian skin tone can perfectly opt for this hair colour. If you have curly hair, then this is going to add depth and volume to your hair which make your hair look fuller. You can even use this versatile brown hair colour to hide your grey hair which is another plus point. Let your hair down or tie it up in a bun to create a neat and elegant look with this hair colour shade. 

  • Cold-brew:

This is a unique concoction of beautiful brown hair colours that create a multidimensional brunette hair look. The USP of this particular shade is that you can pull it off effortlessly all throughout the year. Hairstylists create this beverage-inspired look by mixing warm tones of reddish accents with the mocha brown colour. The final outcome gives out a bold mahogany effect on your hair with brown undertones that never makes your hair look shabby even when the colour wears out. 

  • Instagram brown streaks:

The name gives out the source of this specific brown hair colour trend. If you already have an ongoing natural or dark brown hair situation and are bored of that, this is for you. Get the Instagram famous brown e-girl streaks that consist of slightly reddish hair ends over a very dark shade of brown hair colour. Stars from around the globe have also jumped into the bandwagon of this trend by sporting this look. Brunette hair looks have been quite famous forever and with the inception of hair looks like these, it is only becoming cooler. 

  • Cinnamon brown hair colour:

This colour is widely loved by every fall girl out there. This brown hair colour look can be achieved best if you already have a dark brunette base in your hair. The dark brunette shades suit the women with cool skin tones the best but you can make the tables turn with cinnamon brown. Add some warmer accents of cinnamon brown all over your hair as an added layer to make it look even more suitable for women with Indian skin tones. With this hair colour, you don’t really need to worry about your complexion, 

  • Honey brown hair colour:

Honey brown is one of those shades that has the capacity of making heads turn. This brunette look really needs you to go a lot lighter to bring out the true honey colour. This can damage your hair to a certain extent and that is why it is always advisable to stay prepared with a heavily deep-conditioning hair routine to be followed right after you get done with your hair colouring. This shade looks best in curls and also gives a very nice glow when you go out in the sun. 

These are some of the most trending Brunette looks that you can achieve easily with various shades of brown hair colour. These hair colours range from drastically dark ones to slightly lighter and lightest ones. You can literally pick any one of these according to your skin tone and style statement to give yourself that much-deserved makeover. All of them are sanctioned by the biggest fashion experts in the world and we can assure you that none of these can make you look dated. 

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