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Choosing the best sectional or sofa for your living room, family room, den or man cave is a personal decision that you should make while sitting down. We jest, of course, but these days you can start the search for a new place to plop from your laptop or smart phone while seated on your existing couch.


The best way to avoid driving all over town is to do your online research first. When it comes to filling a room with a big piece of new furniture, you want to make the right call the first time. You may even find the perfect new sectional or sofa online and have it delivered without having to leave your home.


Sectionals and sofas both come in a wide variety of colors and in a surprising array of textures, fabric coverings and finishes. Some are equipped with modern conveniences, including recliners (sometimes automated), cup holders and charging stations.


Whether you choose your ideal new couch potato perch from among leather sofas, fabric sectionals or something in between, you should try to narrow your search to something that not only fits well into your room and its existing décor, but also complements your lifestyle and aligns with you and your family’s personality.


Let’s briefly examine some of the basic things to know about sectionals and sofas to help you narrow your search and decide which suits your home better, then you can order here:


  • Sectionals: Larger and more flexible: Sectionals generally offer more seating in a limited space. Large families or families with growing children often choose a sectional, which can be configured in a variety of ways, unlike a sofa.Consider the versatility you need. If you have a family of active kids, you may be wise to choose a sectional due to its flexibility (ability to be reconfigured when desired). You may prefer a fabric sectional that in many cases is easier to clean than leather; and a fabric sectional can withstand a puncture from a stray fork or action figure much better than any leather furniture covering.Even for small families of three or four, sectionals can allow everyone the chance to spread out when watching a movie or ballgame or reading a book, whereas (usually) only one person can lie horizontally on a sofa.



  • Sofas: More traditional and customizable:  Sofas are more customizable. The back, arms and seat cushions can be presented in many styles. Many sofas have clearance underneath while most sectionals do not; therefore, the sofa legs can express a style. Home decorators may zero in on a mid-century modern style or a more classic style with carvings of lion’s feet. It’s all a matter of personal taste.Today’s sofas and loveseats – slightly smaller versions that usually seat two people – come in the same fabrics and textures as sectionals, but sofas are usually considered more austere and traditional than sectionals.



Choose a sectional or sofa that fits your lifestyle

Do your homework to help you decide whether a sectional or sofa best fits your lifestyle and current living arrangements. A scrupulous review of modern easy-care fabrics, finishes and sleek designs can help you narrow your prospects.

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