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Dating sites are a dime a dozen, and while most of the time, you find a dating site, create a membership, look for love, and get disappointed because the site is full of people who aren’t what you’re looking for. In this guide and on this link, we’ll tell you about some of the best dating sites to find long term relationships out there and give you some advice on how to do it, because anymore, the online dating world is just about as prominent as the offline way to do it, and a lot of times, general practices still apply when it comes to finding long term relationships.

Some of the Best

Here’s some of the best websites out there that have been around for quite a while. Sure, they may cost money to get the premium memberships, but with the most success stories out there, they’re generally a good investment.

  • com – One of the biggest and most well-known dating sites on the market, make numerous guarantees and have some of the success to back it up. They are one of the oldest dating sites, and originated around the time was just in creation.
  • Elite Singles is a site dedicated to the working man or women. When it comes to finding the right pedigree for you, most of these members have a college degree and are looking for a serious relationship, not just a fling.
  • eHarmony – This award winning site is both for casual dating, and serious relationships. It has one of the highest success rates worldwide as far as long-lasting couple matches go.

How Do You Find Love Online?

Finding a lasting relationship isn’t easy, but fortunately there are some tips that you can practice in the everyday dating world out there that you can also practice online. In this section, we’re going to give you some advice on how to find and establish a healthy relationship online.

You’re Trying Too Hard

Just like the real world, if you try too hard, or press on talking to someone too much, this can be considered rude, and some people don’t like this. You need to be courteous and give people a chance to reply once in a while, if they don’t respond to your message for a long time, get over it and move on.

You’re Not Trying Hard Enough

Most people complain that they can’t find anyone or don’t know how to talk to a girl or a boy. Well this is the 21st century, and guess what? Being online just makes it that much easier. All you have to do is say hi. If you’re shy, sure, that’s understandable, but it doesn’t mean you can’t say hi, even if you think someone’s out of your league. You’re the one putting them on that pedestal, and this is the online world, so don’t do that.

Establish a Friendship

You can actually establish a friendship first because you’re able to actually talk more online and be freer about things that you can’t talk about in public or in person.


Of course, everything in this guide doesn’t necessarily cover everything you should to, but this should be a good way to help you engage a topic and get to know that special someone when it comes to online dating sites. Never share information that is personal or identifying when it comes to online relationships, even if you develop a long term online relationship. Those are things you can save for when you’re in person in a long lasting in-person rel

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