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What is a winter jacket?

A winter jacket is a type of jacket that is loaded with extra insulation and is also a bit longer in length than the usual ones. Such a fit is required in order to protect one’s body from harsh winter weather. It a necessary garment when it comes to bearing the winter season. These jackets help in keeping the body warm and cozy even through icy winds, snow, and sleet. The winter jackets have enough insulation that it can be worn as single clothing in the winter season.

It is always nice to have one long winter jacket in the closet that is reliable and will keep the body warm, instead of many normal or mediocre jackets that fail to serve its purpose in winter weather.

Types of winter jacket

The type of winter jackets depends on the purpose one wants to serve. Thus, on the basis of its purpose, there are three main types

  1. Casual winter jackets: These winter jackets are ideal for daily wear when one wants to protect themselves from the chilly weather while running errands. The major feature of these jackets is the ultra warmth it provides along with handwarmer pockets, bigger hoods that are fur rimmed. The best winter jackets for women are stylish and also provide toasty warmth, which is a perfect combination for a winter jacket.
  2. Technical winter jackets: These jackets are mostly used when one goes for some winter adventurous sports such as skiing, mountaineering or ice climbing. The technical winter jackets are lighter than the usual winter jackets and come with 3 layerings in order to protect from harsh and wet winters. And have features that are compatible with different gears and sports.
  3. All-purpose winter jackets: The all-purpose winter jackets has the capability to do all, from providing support during winter activities to being stylish enough for around-the-town errands. These jackets are waterproof and have enough insulation to keep one warm even with only a shirt underneath.

Buying winter jackets

The right winter jacket is required in order to enjoy the winter season to the fullest, therefore, one can check the following features of a winter jacket before buying one.

  1. Performance: the winter jackets should have a waterproof outer layer so as to protect one during wet and slushy days. A jacket should not only be selected because of its looks, but its performance also needs to be taken into consideration. A jacket should be able to keep one’s body warm as well as dry.
  2. Insulation: Jackets usually have down and synthetic insulation. Assessing the estimated temperature range of your outdoor activities is crucial when choosing the best down jacket to keep you comfortable and protected. Down insulation is useful for dry and cold climate. Jackets with down insulation are also lightweight and compressible. If down insulation is not enough then one can buy warm jackets with synthetic insulation. These jackets are bulkier and are able to withstand wet and chilly weathers.
  3. Temperature control: Hoods are important in jackets as it protects the head from the cold climate. Thus, one should look for winter jackets which have adjustable hoods and ones which are of proper fitting so as to control the cold from getting inside the jacket.

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