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Which is the best floating PV system in the market

Solar-powered products provide an alternate solution to your daily energy requirements. There is a wide range of applications for solar products and today an increasing number of businesses, clients. And customers prefer the eco-friendly operation of solar-powered equipment. There are various brands and manufacturers in the market that produce efficient quality solar energy solutions such as solar mounting systems and related equipment. The floating solar PV system is one of the modern solar-powered products in the market.

The floating solar PV system is one of the new technologies. Where the system is directly placed on top of the water body as against on the rooftops or land. The FPV solar systems are increasingly gaining prominence around the world and as per one of the studies conducted recently the market for FPV is likely to grow 31% in the coming years. The majority of this growth will be contributed by the American continents. As per the GTM research, the annual installations for FPV are likely to grow considerably.

Mibet energy is one of the best manufacturers of solar-powered products

Mibet energy is one of the best manufacturers of solar-powered products

The Xiamen Mibet New Energy Co. Ltd. is one of the high-tech enterprises that specializes in the development and research of solar energy products. The company also manufactures high-quality solar equipment for a wide range of customer requirements. Some of the excellent solar-powered solutions provided by Mibet energy include MRac Ground Solar PV Mounting system, MRac Pitched Roof Solar PV Mounting system, MRac flat roof solar PV Mounting system, and Floating PV system. Each of these categories has several product installations that are manufactured and sold by the company.

You can browse through the different solar-powered offerings from the company and check out their specs as well as features before buying solar equipment based on your requirements. When it comes to the floating PV system, two of the top products offered by the company include MRac Floating PV system G4N. And MRac solar floating system G4S. We will take a brief look at one of these products.

MRac Solar floating system G4S from Mibet energy

The MRac floating PV Mounting system G4S manufactured by has numerous applications and it is most commonly applied in solar power plant installation. It uses HDPE material and this product has passed several tests including Anti-aging, Anti-UV, and Hunt water absorption tests. This product can withstand the pulling force which is significantly higher than some of the other products in this category.

This product adopts the new module design for the floater as well as the main floater. It helps in the realization of a double row array within symmetrical facing and the same facing. This assists in increasing the efficiency of the solar power generation plus installation capacity. This product can be conveniently installed and it is incredibly cost-efficient as well as it has a long lifespan.

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