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We are here again with our review on one of the best product from the series of 8 MZ390 motherboards, we have chosen one to be labelled as the best which is known as Z390 Aorus Ultra Motherboard and our presenting exclusively to you MSI z390-a-pro review. Go through the article and see for yourself why we have called this the best z390 product out there.

Below features are no doubt found in other installations of this series to buy. We prefer quality as well as cost friendly items and our MSI z390 – a pro review will give you all possible reasons to consider buying this motherboard when setting up your gaming system.

  • Intel Supporting CPU Sockets: The selection of CPU socket is made considering the support of 8th and 9th Intel Core processors, uses LGA1151 socket.
  • Best Cooling System: 12+1 power phase design along with a PWM controller and DrMOS along with power components integrated with two heat sinks powered with a pipe whose direct connection to MOSFETs ensure an overall heat free setup. heat sinks are integrated with a cover that is connected to rear  i/o giving an overall fine look to the motherboard.
  • Huge Memory Space: 4 memory slots built in with gigabyte’s ultra durable memory armor – this piece of stainless steel makes sure that the PCB or plate is devoid of twisting, distortion or bending.
  • Impressive Audio Setup: The use of AMP UP audio codec by gigabyte is listed as the best feature of this product where Realtek sponsored ALC 1220 audio setup is integrated, also the additional smart headphone amp has made things more advanced. This has the capability to perceive the impedance of any headphone to prevent usually faced problems of distorted audio. Two of the installed greatest audio capacitors ensure the best high definition audio output.
  • Multiple Expansion Slots: There are multiple expansion slots serving multiple purposes. The first three slots are usually seen on boards PCIe 3.0×16, they are coated with a protective shield which is made of metal and the other three are 3.0×1. Now if you install a single card, it’d give you an exclusive speed of fully 16 times but if you have 2 cards installed then the speed would get reduced to 8 times. This was not enough, there are more expansion slots available too. There are three m.2 heatsink installed PCIe 3.0×4 expansion slots, 2 of which stabilize almost 110 mm solid-state drive whereas 1 of them supports 80 mm. 
  • Protective I/O Shield: Now get free of the worry about losing your I/O shield because in this board it is firmly attached and isn’t coming out anytime soon. 
  • User Friendly Software: The app store of gigabyte is the savior here which lets you download every software, drivers, updates very conveniently. We would recommend you to go with the software popularly known as Easy Tune, you can even perform smart boost and auto tuning.
  • Impressive RGB system: RGB fusion software sponsored by gigabyte itself has taken things in its own control by which you can easily control the lights on the boards like you can present them in the same color and effect or you can also set them up separately, however you like. The software also ensures your control over all the RGB headers you’d find throughout the board. 

If we talk about RGB headers, there are multiple of them throughout the board. Two 4 pin standard headers are aligned with two 3 pin ARGB.

  • Aesthetic Lighting System: Appearances matter a lot for gamers when they are setting up their system and the lighting system of this motherboard has greatly favored this approach by fixing lights on multiple areas like on cover of input output shield, edged front of motherboard, on heat sink and finally one on audio cover.
  • User Friendly BIOS: The easy to access BIOS is a plus point of this product. We prefer choosing BIOS for the purpose of overclocking on PC.
  • Active Fan Header Setup: Actively cooling setup ensured by multiple fan headers that include a single 4 pin header combined with two more 4 pin headers but they are installed for purpose of optional CPU fan. Few more fan and pump headers could be seen, three 4 pin pump and two 4 pin fan headers.
  • User Friendly BIOS Interface: The easy to access BIOS is a plus point of this product. We prefer choosing BIOS for the purpose of overclocking on PC. 
  • Diverse USB Ports: Multiple USB ports are present, to start with one USB 3.1 first generation, a type c internalized USB port 3.1 of second generation, six 2.0 ports segregated at different spots, two DAC UP 3.1 first generation ports, and finally 3 type A 3.1 first generation and one type C of same category 

• Other Important Additional Features: 

-A 8 pin eps connector along with an additional 4 pin.

-24 pin ATX power compartment for better current supply.

-A thunderbolt header.

-Six SATA cable friendly ports that can support maximum 6GBs supported by chipset.

-A TPM header.

-A COM port header.

-A POST code display.

-Front Panel Headers.

-WiFi antenna connections powered by Intel CNVi interface.

-An Ethernet port of gigabit.

Conclusion: Did you give a read to all the above mentioned characteristics present by Z390 Aorus Ultra Motherboard? If yes, then you must have known by now why we selected this product as our best reviewed item since along with all the pro setup requirements, it offers many additional features that one obviously considers when planning to buy a gaming board.

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