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Apple has by far the most loyal of consumers compared to other smartphone giants, making Apple’s iPhones the most popular around the globe. After all, the excellent performance, great hardware, stellar iOS software and even sleeker camera system places them at the top of the chain.

Specifically speaking of its software that has paved the way for millions of mobile app development projects available on Apple App Store – these iOS apps have the answer to all your problems, from educational, time managements, and to even searching for a potential partner.

So amongst the 1.84M available iOS apps on Apple App Store in the fourth quarter of 2019, we picked the one’s currently making it to the top of the popularity ladder in 2020. So stick around, you might just discover something useful.

Best iPhone Apps of 2020


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After Covid-19 crisis, this app officially started to rule the world by bridging the communication gaps between family and friends. Houseparty as the name suggests is a casual way of communicating with your friends and family. Instead of placing calls yourself, whenever your contact comes online, the app alerts you and gives you option to either start a call or join any ongoing calls.

Moreover, it provides fun activities that you can do with your group of friends, like quizzes and other games to really have a ‘party’, but online.


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Since we are all quarantined and working from home, there needs to be apps that can help us connect, network, and even just have casual conversations to maintain our sanity. Discord is one of the best iOS app to help you in this area. How? Discord is a cross-platform app that enables you to connect to your computer, and chat in groups with like-minded individuals.

As a chat app, it comes with the standard features that even include a voice chat. These groups can be joined by the help of a link and you are good to go.

Very Veggie


Yes, it is an app of veggie galore recipes -134 and counting – from around the globe. In case you are bored sitting at home because of Coronavirus and looking to become a Masterchef, then this iOS app is your answer.

Best feature? Once downloaded, it can run without any internet connection and can do basic tasks like filtering by ingredients you have at home. It comes with a $4 price tag, which is cheap considering the goodness you will be unlocking because of this.

As for deliveries, the best iOS app to date is Uber Eats.

Uber Eats

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iPhone users love this delivery app, not only because of its fast service but how convenient it is to use. Browse the menu of available restaurant, pay directly from the secure app and it will tell you the estimated time of delivery along with the location of your order that is trackable in real time.


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Are you gamer? Then Twitch app is for you. This iOS mobile app brings the game streaming from around the world in your smartphone. Its various features include chatting with other Twitch users, watching recorded videos of best gameplays and events, and so much more. In addition, this app is compatible with AirPlay and Chromecast.


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Peleton bikes are all the rave but you do not require one for this app. This Peleton fitness app available for iOS has a wide range of categories for you to choose from. A sleek look and easy to use features will get you hooked and that for a free trial of 90 days – which is massive. So avail immediately.


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We can all use some meditation to calm our anxiety during COVID-19. This app is a great place to start that journey of relaxation and balance. It offers around 1000 meditations covering the whole spectrum of human conditions – that include meditations on sexuality, body image, purpose, and more.


Via Garageband PC

We all know Spotify and Apple Music apps, but what about that creative genuineness looking to make music instead? Well, Garageband is a one of the coolest apps that has great collection of tools and instruments for you to indulge in – and that too, on a smartphone. Incredible!

Best thing about Garageband is that it is complete free.

Pocket Casts

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Safe to say this app is a better option compared to Apple’s built-in podcast player and is free of cost. It even has more additional features compared to Apple’s default podcast software- like boost voices over the background noises, customizable themes, and the ability to skip intervals.

Pocket Casts provide you with all your most-loved podcasts and even supports Chromecast and Sonos. There is a paid version for $1 a month which allows you to sync between devices and gain access to Pocket Casts webplayer – which is a great convenience for everyone wanting to use it on web and multitask.


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The Kindle app has to be included in our best iPhone apps, as not only it dominates the ebook reader arena, iPhone users heavily use the iOS version of Kindle. This app has one of the largest collections of books and with $10 a month, you can gain access to Kindle Unlimited and read away till your heart’s full.


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Currently in the midst of Coronavirus, Netflix is proving to be the best entertainment channel for the ones that have the luxury. Its iOS app is also one of the most popular streaming apps and as we all know that it gives you access to unlimited shows, series, and movies – for a monthly fee.


Via Crunchyroll

For all the anime lovers, this app is the ultimate gold mine available on Apple App Store. It is a free app but with ads included. However, for a mere price of $7 a month, you can gain access to uninterrupted and unlimited anime viewing sessions.

The best feature of the paid version includes accessing a big database of mangas – now that is definitely enticing.

Hostel World


Via Digital Trends

Looking for cheap accommodations on your travels around the world? Hostels are a great way to save money. Hostel World includes rooms in 178 countries across the world, and you can even book private rooms, cheap hotels, and social dorms. Travels that are easy on the pocket and heavy on exploring? Yes, please.

Summing Up

Mobile app development has changed the software industry indefinitely with platforms like iOS and Android allowing software development companies in Houston and around the world with the opportunities to excel in solving consumers’’ pain points through creative and interactive mobile app solutions. These helpful and entertaining iOS apps are a proof of this.

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