Mon. Jul 22nd, 2024

There are many things that compile a website. However, if we put them in an orderly arrangement, the design will certainly top the chart. It is because design generates the first impression. Irrespective of how extraordinary your content may be, the visitors will typically let the design sink in before navigating through your blogs or videos.

Luckily, many people are very much aware of this reality, and they keep on experimenting with the layout to attract the audience. But, more often than not, results are not up to the snuff. If you are also facing the same problem, then you are not in step with the web designing trends.

Subscribe to the following trends and the standing of your website will change for good:

  1. Dark mode

The dark mode is the perfect blend of elegance and utility. Speaking of its visual appeal, the dark background complements other colors and thereby enhances contrast ratio. It allows viewers to catch a glare of every single element of the design.

Presently, the world is going through digital transformation. We are spending more and more time in front of our screens with every passing day. Of course, it is a great luxury to have everything on the fingertips, but our eyes are strained due to the overwhelming screen time. Guess what, dark mode is easy on the eyes and minimizes the strain-level to a massive extent.

Owing to their quality of power-saving, dark themes are particularly useful for AMOLED and OLED screens.

  1. Emotion-centric Design

Designs had been associated with usability for a long time. Keeping this in mind, web designers tried their hands on different styles to ensure flawless user experience. But designs have now immersed into an additional role as well – a potent tool of communication. This is how the usage of emotions became indispensable, which ultimately lead to the discovery of emotion-centric design. Be it website development for nonprofits or private organizations, this layout has everything covered.

Emotional design is a perfect way to convey a concept. More so, if the concept happens to be a complex one. The best thing about this design is that it gives you enough playing field to incorporate emotional and aesthetic touch. That way, the visitor is going to be more involved and the positive experience will get imprinted in his memory.

  1. 3D Illustration

The moment 3D design hit the scene, we knew it was in for a long haul. But the limited footprint of technology delayed its growth for quite some time. Fortunately enough, we have bypassed that phase and now this design is accumulating out-of-proportion popularity.

3D objects are good at grabbing user-attention and making them stay longer at your website. At the same time, it is recommended not to overdo. In the case of 3D illustrations, less is more.

  1. Hero video header

The annual budget for video marketing has been steadily increasing. Per well-scrutinized figures, nearly 81 percent of the organizations exploit videos to achieve their marketing goals. Provided these staggering stats, it should not come to you as any surprise why video header design is in trend.

As soon as someone clicks your website, the video would unveil all the important aspects of your business to him. Not to mention a higher engagement rate.

In all likelihood, you may be enticed to make a long video cramming too many details in it. Such a practice could backfire big time. So keep it short and precise. If crafted tastefully, a video of about 30-60 seconds will be enough to draw a vivid sketch of your brand.

  1. Text-dominated design

Content writers have finally managed to get the attention of designers. Nothing to take away from videos, the text is still one of the most powerful tools to hook up the audience. This design stimulates readers to read the content that is supplemented by catchy headings.

To top it off, there is a wide variety of fonts and colors that will turn the text into a visual treat. The text-dominated theme is hands down the best minimalistic way to engage in branding.

  1. Split-screen

Have you ever wanted to equally stress upon two ideas at one time? if yes, then the split-screen layout is surely your piece of cake. Using this design, you can break the screen into two parts and bring two different messages into the spotlight.

Split-screen also empowers you to take liberty with the scroll effects. For example, you may adjust a different pace on both sides with regard to the movability of the content. Initially, this design was aimed for only mobile users but it has gradually registered decent progress in all the mediums of web-browsing.

  1. Excessive white space

The nature of white color is such that designers turn to it quite frequently. Though the white color was always there, it never took the center stage. In this sense, you can call this design a refreshing break from the past.

The excessive white space helps canvas to pop up and become stable. Besides, the visitors can spend hours on this design without putting too much strain on their eyes.

The final verdict

Web designers are obsessed with creativity. Now and then a new design hits the market and you may be tempted to give it a try. It could be a risky thing to do because you never know how your followers will respond to that change. Therefore, to make life easier for you, we have outlined the tested and trusted trends. You can cherry-pick the one that is in step with your niche.

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