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Best List of Common Verbs That Start with Z, Y and X

Verbs are beyond doubt a vital part of our lives! Without them, no person would be able to communicate effectively. You can not ask your mom to prepare your favorite food. You can not call your buddies to hang out on weekends. You can not even live nowadays!

Verbs are the action words in a sentence that tell what the subject is doing. Same as nouns, verbs are indispensable in a sentence or phrase, describing what is happening. Without a verb, ideas can’t be conveyed correctly, and even the easiest sentences, such as “Tom agreed”, has one. As a matter of fact, a verb can even form a sentence by itself, which means the subject, in most case you are implied. For example: Hurry! and Go!

As the heart of sentences and phrases, verbs reveal what the subject is doing or feeling. Verbs are also the only sort of word that’s definitely needed to make a sentence.

Since there are endless verbs and it is impossible to list each one, let’s start with verbs that begin with Z, Y, and X first. As you may know, words with these letters are kind rare and verbs that start with Z are the more common ones among them.

  1. Xerox

Definition: to copy a document.

Example: Can you xerox this immediately, Sally?

  1. X-out

Definition: to cross out with letter X

Example: X-out the names of the people who have already left.

  1. X-ray

Definition: to look deeply or to take an x-ray of something.

Example: She x-rayed him with her vision.

  1. Xylograph

Definition: to make a print from an engraving in wood.

Example: Sean was seen xylographing in the woods.

  1. Xeriscape

Definition: to landscape or garden a piece of land, so there is little need for maintenance in the future.

Example: The plan is to xeriscape the area and remove all that dead grass over there.

  1. Xylophone

Definition: to play a xylophone or to play something else as though it was a xylophone.

Example: He was xylophoning beautifully.

  1. X-irradiate

Definition: expose something to radiation using x-rays.

Example: Sir, this machine will x-irradiate your patients if used.

  1. XXX

Definition: to delete; to edit, especially to conceal or suggest vulgar language

Example: He has XXXed the vulgar content in his movie.

  1. Xenograft

Definition: extracting a graft of tissue from one species of animal and then giving it to another unlikely species.

Example: She’s too busy xenografting the pig to be half-lizard.

  1. Xxencode

Definition: to encode a file using Xxencoding

Example: He was xxencoding all the data into one large file.

  1. Yawn

Definition: involuntarily open one’s mouth wide and inhale deeply due to tiredness or boredom

Example: Don’t yawn during practice.

  1. Yearn

Definition: to desire something strongly

Example: I yearn for brighter days.

  1. Yoke

Definition: put a yoke on (a pair of animals); couple or attach with or to a yoke.

Example: The young married couple must yoke themselves together.

  1. Yield

Definition: produce or provide (a natural, agricultural, or industrial product)

Example: The land yields grapes and tobacco

  1. Yellow

Definition: to become yellow, often due to age

Example: We watched his eyes yellow from jaundice.

  1. Yodel

Definition: to sing (especially by yodeling)

Example: They had learned how to drop into the lake, yodelling like Tarzan.

  1. Yell

Definition: to raise your voice and shout

Example: She yelled at her husband.

  1. Yank

Definition: to pull something forcefully with a quick movement

Example: He turned the handle and yanked the door open.

  1. Yandy

Definition: to separate (grain or pieces of mineral) by shaking in a special shallow dish

Example: Micheal was yandying cereals in the kitchen.

  1. Yen

Definition: to have a desire for something or someone who is not present

Example: She was yenning for her lover.

  1. Zap

Definition: to add attractiveness, interest or color; to liven.

Example: Racing cars zapped past us on the track below.

  1. Zero

Definition: to close in on or focus attention on; to adjust to zero value in order to try or start again.

Example: He zeroed in his rifle at 200 yards.

  1. Zest

Definition: scrape off the outer coloured part of the peel of (a piece of citrus fruit) for use as flavouring

Example: Zest the orange and lemon, taking care to discard all of the white pith

  1. Zing

Definition: to proceed or move with vitality or speed

Example: Another bullet zinged past him.

  1. Zip

Definition: to move, act or proceed energetically and swiftly; to give force and speed to

Example: Swallows zipped back and forth across the lake.

  1. Zoom

Definition: to move fast (especially with a humming noise); to go up rapidly.

Example: He jumped into his car and zoomed off.

  1. Zone

Definition: to divide an area for a certain purpose

Example: When are they going to zone the land for our house?

  1. Zigzag

Definition: to move in a pattern on a line with sharp turns and angles

Example: They watched the yellow Ferrari zigzag up the road.

  1. Zig

Definition: make a sharp change of direction

Example: We zigged to the right.

  1. Zipper

Definition: fasten or provide with a zipper

Example: He zippered up his suit very tight.

In order for you to learn well English verbs, first you must understand their definitions and how to use them properly, like the ones we covered in this article. Then you must practice them every day until you recognize them effectively. Keep on that way and soon you’ll increase your vocabulary.

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