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ResourcesKeeping your Kids Busy
Keeping your Kids Busy

The world has testified to a paradigm shift where social distancing and home isolation are the new normal. No one has been able to escape from this snare, especially kids who remain at home all day and end up remaining idle. It seems to have no near end in sight. But now, thanks to companies dropping paywalls, and imparting a plethora of resources and fun activities for kids, keeping them occupied is not a problem anymore. Best of all, these activities are self-directed and result-oriented. 

Here is the rundown of kids’ activities at home that are super exciting and resourceful – 

1. DIY Crafts – Crafting activities help the kids to cultivate good motor skills, and boost their mental health and wellbeing. Moreover, DIY Crafts are easy and fun to learn. You can also enrol them in craft classes for kids, where your kids can learn while enjoying themselves.

2. Teach some magic tricks – Try to ignite the little magician in your kid by teaching magic lessons for beginners. Such activities promote valuable communication and socialising skills. There are free online magic classes for kids that make them learn magic tricks online for free. So Abracadabra! It’s time for some magic!

3. Enrol in Calligraphy classes – Introduce your kid to the world of calligraphy, where they can create an impression and art reaction amalgamated with beauty, personality, and impact. It is one of the best ways to keep your kid engrossed and prolific. In that way, they will get deeper insights into calligraphy writing, calligraphy fonts, and calligraphy letters. 

4. 3D puppet making – Want to make your own puppets? Puppetry has lubricated the hoop of humanity for ages. Learning DIY puppet art will help your kid to improve their cognitive skills and hand-eye coordination. Puppet-making for kids is becoming a popular activity amid this lockdown, with more parents enrolling their kids in online classes. Make your kid the next star puppeteer.

5. Fun with Yoga – Are you looking for some fitness resources for your kid? How about Yoga? Yoga asanas for kids are super effective and improve strength, balance, and flexibility. At such growing stages, Yoga acts as a lubricant to ease up the process of inclusive development. There are free online yoga classes that teach various yoga postures and relax their mind and body. It’s time to have fun with Yoga!

Keeping your Kids Busy

So now you know how to keep your kids busy, and also make them learn something fascinating this summer vacation. We at Yellow Class help young parents choose the best hobby classes for their kids and get their wards trained under the most inspiring mentors in the world. You can explore various programmes and choose the best one for your kid. It’s time to indulge in learning now!

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