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After a long hectic day, all you need is a massage and a hot bath afterwards as the perfect tonic. There are hundreds of massage parlours offering these services. Among them, tantric massage is on-trend now. But only a few of them offer genuine and professional massage. Before choosing a parlour you should really make sure that you do a bit of research to ensure that the erotic tantric massage you receive is both quality and given by a professional masseur or masseuse.


Tantra is an ancient Indian practice. The dedicated people who practice tantra are known as tantric therapists, and have a lot of knowledge and experience in the field. They practice developing an inner peace by using the body, mind and spirit. Nowadays, tantric massage therapists use the same but improved techniques to release your pressure and introduce you to a pleasant feeling.

Tantric massage is a process of using motion and chakra (body’s energy concentration centers along the spine) to direct the pressure where you need and releasing the toxins.

Things You Need To Know Before Getting a Tantric Massage

Tantric therapy is a complex art. So to attain the best results, both the masseur or masseuse and receivers need to know some tips. Like

if you are in a rush, tantric massage is not for you right now. Because it is a slow and calming experience you really need to give it adequate time, and be at ease before trying this therapy. Slowly the haze of your mind will clear out, and you will feel peace. At the same time, you will feel rich and positive energy beaming inside.

Do not go for just sexual release. Some people confuse erotic tantric massage with other erotic massage, where bodily pleasure is the main objective. But in tantric therapy, the body is just a medium. The masseuse uses the body to reach your inner self and help to unburden your mind.

Tantric massage is available for couples also. For men, it’s lingam massage, and for females, it is yoni massage. Surprisingly this setup helps people to learn the most important philosophy about relationships; the partner matters most.

Through the massage, your physical barriers will dissolve, and you both will unite as one soul. This experience is heavenly. To make it more intimate, you can use some props like massage candles. These special, fragrant candles to use during the massage. It won’t burn your skin on contact, and the aroma will create a pleasant ambiance.

Use a blindfold during the massage because the absence of one major perception will make others sharp. You will feel every touch and pressure more intensely, which can be a great feeling to say the least.

Don’t go fast. Be patient with your partner and start the massage from the scalp. Gently pull the hair and reverse the action. Using both hands separately, induces more passion. For example, caress the upper body while massaging the scalp, and work your way across the whole body.

Remember, this is not a sexual release massage. So orgasm is not the target for you or your partner. Take the time to get intimate. Not only physically but mentally so that your bodies move along a natural synchronization. Use back massage, neck, and body massage to intensify the time.

As we mentioned above, tantric massage is to calm your mind. So it would help if you had a noise-free, undisturbed environment. Before choosing a parlour for massage, make sure the staff are trained and qualified before making your booking.


Pleasure comes in many forms. But physical pleasure is not something you can ignore as it is the easiest way to connect to your spirituality. So explore the inner you with a tantric massage and enjoy a new chapter in your life.

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