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What are the Humanities Subjects in 11th CBSE syllabus?What are the Humanities Subjects in 11th CBSE syllabus?

Reading good books can be a part of self-care activity. Reading a self-care book for an hour can

improve your life in many ways. You can introspect yourself and make yourself a better person

each day. Spending hours on social media watching trash can not only lead you to think

negatively about your life but also it hampers your health. Therefore you should show some love

to yourself by caring for your body. Here are the best seven books approved and recommended by top therapists around the world.

The Highly Sensitive Person By Elaine N. Aron

This book is very interesting and will give you immense knowledge about yourself. It will let you

know about the facts of your own body that you didn’t even notice or know before. At the start,

you can feel a little bit confused, but after some time you will imagine yourself in the rest of the

story. The writer of this book Elaine N. Aron has beautifully described the childhood memories

that will bring you to tears. Therefore you should read this awesome self-care book once in your

life. It is also available on Amazon and many bookstores.

Health At Every Size: The Surprising Truth About Your Weight By Linda Bacon

Your weight tells you about your daily routine and lifestyle. It plays a major role in being healthy,

and one should always try to maintain it. This book will give you enough knowledge about diet

culture so that you can live a healthy life. It tells you that you should try to maintain your weight

from today without skipping it for tomorrow. In today’s world, where everyone is running after money and power, you should give priority to your health. It is because if you stay healthy, you can do whatever you want in your life but if you are unhealthy, you cannot give your cent percent to anything.

The Happiness Trap By Russ Harris

This book is very beneficial for starters who want real-life tools to input mindfulness into daily life

practice. It explains the theory of self-acceptance and commitment and how these things can

bring you happiness. It is better to wash away all the negative thoughts rather than fighting with

it because the more you fight, the more you get hurt. This book is also available on Amazon.

Haldol and Hyacinths: A Bipolar Life by Melody Moezzi

Moezzi, the author of this book, describes beautifully about how she suffered from Bipolar

Disorder. During her treatment, she was hospitalized multiple times but did not lose hope. She cared for herself and was confident about herself. This book can be very curious for those who want to know about mental illness and its effects. You should know about mental health and illness because many people nowadays neglect these diseases and pay a great amount when the situation gets out of control. According to many therapists, this is the best book to read and gain knowledge.

Out Of The Woods By Brent Williams

This book is written by author Brent Williams who suffered from various mental illnesses. We rarely get a chance to read a book written by someone who suffered mental disturbances and knows every tough phase of it. This book delivers an unusual story about how you can come out of these situations. It is all about different hacks to tackle emotional health issues in different circumstances. It would be best if you give a try to this excellent and exciting book because it is worth trying. Many therapists recommend this book and it is also available on online websites like Amazon.

Empowered Boundaries: Speaking Truth, Setting Boundaries, and Inspiring Social

Change by Cristian Storm

This book is an excellent work by author Cristien Storm and is full of practical tips you should

follow to know the world easily. This book is full of theories that integrate community-generated

knowledge of boundary-setting with serious thoughtfulness and a macro-level outlook that

impact your actions. It is essential to develop and change yourself to be best but not alone. With

you, your surroundings also need to change. Empowered Boundaries is full of knowledge

with deep messages. Therefore you must give some time and focus on reading this book.

Feeding Your Demons by Tsultrim Allione

Feeding Your Demons, written by Tsultrim Allione, is an excellent book to know practical hacks

to overcome fear and anxiety. In today’s world, where the work pressure is constant, you can face severe problems like anxiety and fear like symptoms which can affect your mental and

physical health. This book is full of coping strategies to deal with work-related stress and

anxiety. Therefore if you are facing such problems or want to prevent mental issues, you must read this book. This book will surely help you in overcoming your darkest feelings and emotions that haunt you.

Final Words

Reading can make a significant difference in the way we see things and think. Reading good

books widens your perception and adds new ways to see things. These books will provide some

insight into upgrading your skills and acquiring new ones. Therefore read these top 7 books for

gaining knowledge in your free time rather than wasting your precious time doing nothing.

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