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Winters has finally come to an end, and it’s time you prepare to welcome the approaching New Year. An opportunity to leave the past behind and head for a fresh start to life. Also, it’s time for initiating the home furnishing you’ve been planning for last year.

Sell out your old furniture and get a space consultant to help you with your office and home furnishing.

What all should you do?

Recycle whatever you think is unnecessary. Furnish your house, sell out the used- furniture.

Furnishing is entirely about personal choices. Your house furniture should reflect your persona to your visitors while occupying the space in your house. Choose the best furniture that matches your rest of the home decor, and your budget.

Yesterday, I returned from my office and saw my neighbor, the old lady sitting with my wife, holding the delicious pancakes that she makes. She was moving to a new house, and she needed some help with cashing on her old furniture that she decided to sell out. I figured out, there are people moving to new house, or planning to furnish their house. But they got no clue about options to sell them and make good cash.

What should you be doing right now?

Before ordering new furniture, or planning to visit a furniture shop try getting rid of your used- furniture. Make sure you try all available options before you agree to a deal with someone.

Here‘s a list we have filtered for you about where you can sell out your used furniture.

  • Selling via specific online furniture selling and buying website; There are plenty of online websites that deal in old furniture, buying and sell. You can list your old, gently used furniture and wait for some interested buyer to contact you.
  • Selling via general e-commerce/Auctioneers websites; If the furniture buy/sell website doesn’t work, and you’ve been waiting for a long time, try listing your old furniture at some e-commerce website that auctions products.
  • Selling via Classified online furniture selling and buying website; If you’re in a hurry and time’s against you, you can try listing your furniture on websites which place classified ads and get you, genuine buyers.

How does this work?

The selling process on these websites is really easy, just follow the process and earn good money.

  • Take a few good pictures of your furniture; make sure they are clear.
  • Upload them to the website and use original picture; no editing
  • They will review your product images and contact you within 48hrs, maybe to ask for more details or an offer.
  • If the offer looks good, sell it. They edit pictures and list out your products and post them in the marketplace
  • They will share the price list
  • They will filter and find you a buyer
  • After you get a buyer, the company will pick up the item.
  • After the process completes, they deposit the amount into your provided bank account.

If this doesn’t help, go for the all time best option ‘garage sale’. Definitely you’ll get some buyer there.

After you’re done with selling your old furniture, you can either look for used-furniture on the same platform or visit a furniture store and get your brand new sofa.

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