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Make your selfie prepossessing with neural portrait redacting technology by your good and smart devices. Get good pictures with advanced tools. Surely you want to click perfect quality pictures with your phone and change the look through the photos’ magical features. Then Faceapp Pro Mod APK is for you. You will get a magazine cover category picture on your phone just with a click.

Faceapp Mod APK is a photo click app for Android and iOS mobiles. It can change the look and can transform into a picture of the other gender. You can take photos with automatic makeup, cosmetics, beautiful hairstyle, lens blur, and picturesque area screen.

Developer: The Russian company ‘Wireless Lab’ has created this app and released Faceapp in 2017.

The tools you can have fun with this hack app:

New color filters, as well as new updates allow you to change gender. You can add a beautiful smile with beard and mustache, tattoos if you wish. Change the hair and hair color of your choice again and you will also get a chance to apply evening makeup. You can change yourself with your age-changing filter in different backgrounds.

What’s new:

  • Do you want to know what you would look like if you were of a different gender?

Try our new feature gender swap filters and enjoy a lot.

Take a look at some of the features of Faceapp.

Faceapp Pro-Mod APK, v3.9.0, Size: 18.29 MB, Updated on: June 19, 2020. Offered by: Faceapp Inc, Released on Feb 14, 2017, Downloaded: 100M+ users.

Pro Unlocked: The free version of Faceapp Pro Mod APK has unlocked all the premium features. Now you can use all the features limitlessly. You can click on an image that will be intimate with your look. This feature will make your photo attractive and transform into a fantastic look.

No watermark: Watermark is a significant problem in any photo editor app. All users have frustration about watermarks. When you click on the image in the older version of Faceapp APK, you must have noticed that the watermark was visible in the image. But now it has been solved for fantastic users. In Faceapp Pro Mod APK, you can click pictures without any watermark, and you can enjoy your photo session.

Unlimited filters: People who love to take pictures and love cosmetics download this app mainly for fantastic look and screens. You can make your image so much beautiful by using various filters. This feature is the most exciting and vital part of Faceapp Pro Mod APK.

Hollywood Filter: Do you want to make your image look like the most beautiful heroine in the world? Faceapp Pro-Mod APK has such filters. You can easily give your look a Hollywood look.

Hair color and style: Hair is the most beautiful and vital part of our body. People’s appearance can be made attractive and appealing by changing their hairstyles. This app has hundreds of hairstyles and hair colors. You can change the hair color and style of your photo by selecting the method of your choice. What could be a better feature than this in terms of photography?

Age change: Faceapp Pro Mod APK’s age- changing feature has attracted the people most. Nowadays, it has become viral among people. Everyone loves this age-changing feature so that people can get an idea of ​​its future appearance. It is fascinating, and people have fun with this feature. Sharing these advanced pictures with friends is very enjoyable.

Beard and mustache: Boys are fascinated by the beard and mustache feature of this app. Because in this present time, there is a tendency for boys to have beards and mustaches. The men who have not beard and mustaches; regretted about it. No more sorrow, they can have stylish beards and mustaches with the help of Faceapp Pro Mod APK.

Background replacement: The background transformation process is one of the new amazing features of Faceapp Pro Mod APK. In this version, you will get a lot of background that you can add to your photo. You can change the background of your choice with just one click.

Makeup: You can make the picture more beautiful without the hassle of applying makeup with the help of pro makeup. It looks like real makeup. Every girl wants to make up for making her face charming. So, this feature is very popular with girls all over the world.

Now you can take high-quality pictures without wasting time by many mod apps. Photoshop while sitting at home. You can take great selfies and share them on social media. Faceapp Mod APK can perform the most advanced neural portraits. Enhance your photo with its features and have fun with this luscious app.


Download Faceapp Pro Mod APK to improve your photos. Share edited pictures with friends on social media, and prove that your photo is the best. So, start now without delay. You have to read again about registration to understand its features better. You must have full knowledge of the intelligence of this app.



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