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All men fear two words: erectile dysfunction. Even if you don’t want to think about this, there will be moments when your penis won’t be able to perform. When this happens, your confidence will drop and you will start worrying about the next sexual intercourse. Even if you do perform the next time, you will constantly think how long it will be until your erection will get soft.

Luckily, one of the ways to behandlinger ekti dysfunktion is to simply try a different position. Here are the most effective positions, guaranteed to spice up your life and keep you strong.

Woman on top

When she is on top she can control the pace and the pressure, which allows you to focus on the moment, free of pressure. One of the best things of this position is that she can stop everything just before you are about to finish, to allow you to cool off before starting again. This is a great way to build up your strength and increase your stamina. Another reason why this is a great position to cure a soft penis is because it allows your body to send more blood into the genitals.

The classic missionary

This position definitely helps with erectile dysfunction and it provides a lot of pleasure for both partners. Try to enter her at a 90 degree angle, as this will help you last longer, because the pressure on the tip of the penis will increase, allowing you to last longer.


Spooning is all about cuddles and shallow penetration, which might sound counter-intuitive when you are dealing with a soft penis. But it’s exactly this shallow penetration that does all the trick, as you will be stimulated to last longer. Spooning also allows for more cuddling, so you can stimulate each other’s bodies.

Oral and hand stimulation

When you can’t get hard right away, an oral session can do wonders. Let her focus on the tip of the penis and experiment with different strokes, as this will revive things. Oral stimulation creates a vacuum similar to the one made by erection pumps, which stimulates the blood flow in the area.

A handjob can also help, because it builds up the sexual excitement and constricts the veins, keeping the blood in the penis for a longer time.

Trying out different sex positions can help you improve your erection. Being comfortable and setting the scene before going down to business can also help you last longer. Make sure the room temperature is warm enough, so you don’t feel cold. Taking a warm shower before the action increases the blood flow. Most men don’t focus on the foreplay, which is a shame as this can actually improve your performance in bed, as it stimulates your entire body.

A healthy sex life is not about trying to maintain an erection for hours at end, but about having fun with your partner. Focus on them and forget about everything else, so you can get the most out of your relationship.

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