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If you’re a lover of a cold and refreshing beverage, but one you can easily make at home and use all the healthy goodies, we have a few recipes you should try. Especially if you love good tea and you also enjoy a cold variation of your favourite tea, we’ll tell you how you can make healthier versions of homemade iced tea. The key to a healthy drink is to reduce sugar to a minimum and maximise the other ingredients to increase the flavour. 

Classic iced tea

Classic iced tea is for those who always drink black tea, as black tea is considered by many as the classic choice. You probably have black tea somewhere in your kitchen you won’t mind using in this recipe. You’ll need:

– a bag of black tea

– lemon

– mint leaves

– water and ice

First, boil the water and drop a tea bag into it and let it sit for at least ten minutes. Next, take the tea bag out, pour the tea into a glass container and put it into the refrigerator. If you want to achieve the best taste, you can leave it overnight. In the morning, take the tea out, put in some lemon slices and add some fresh mint leaves. You can sweeten it with sweetener or just add half a tablespoon of brown sugar. 

Ginger and lemon mix

Next on the list of our recipes is the mix of ginger and lemon. These two fit together nicely, as one emphasises the taste of the other and vice versa. On top of that, ginger has anti-inflammatory properties, which makes it a great drink for everyone out there. Here’s how to make it into an amazing cold beverage:

– a few bags of black tea

– fresh ginger

– lemon

– honey

– mint leaves

First, prepare the ginger. Peel the ginger and slice it into thin pieces. Then, boil the water to prepare it for other ingredients. Once the water is ready, add two to four bags of green tea, drop in slices of ginger and let it sit for ten minutes. Next, add some slices of lemon and even some lemon zest to increase the flavour. Stir it a bit and let it get lukewarm. The final step is to make it sweeter by adding some honey. Put it into the refrigerator and serve with fresh lemon zest and ice cubes.

Mojito iced cold tea

This recipe is great for guests or when you’re taking a stroll and you want a refreshing drink. Maybe you even live in a part of the city which doesn’t have one of those popular bubble teas, so you need to make your tea. Or, if you have a passion for business, you can also see a business opportunity in serving iced tea, so you can look up franchise for sale locations. But, until you open up your bubble tea location, let’s see how you can make this mojito iced cold tea at home.

You’ll need:

– green tea or any other tea of your choice

– Fresh mint leaves

– lime

– sugar

This one is prepared a bit differently than the previous ones because the preparation is similar to the cocktail. First, you need to prepare mint leaves. Put mint leaves into a cup. Drop a bag of green tea into a cup and cover it with boiling water. Let it sit for a while so the flavours can intertwine.

Next, wait for ten minutes, stir a bit and remove the used tea bag. Add some lime slices and also squished lime juice. Drop in a tablespoon of brown sugar and stir all of it together. Once the mixture is ready, leave it in your refrigerator overnight. When you’re ready to take your stroll, take it out of the refrigerator, pour it into a cup, add some ice cubes and some fresh mint and you’re good to go. 

Freestyle iced tea

The last recipe on our list is called freestyle. For this one, you’ll need ant tea of choice, some lemon, some mint, some fresh fruit, ice and brown sugar. Any tea can be turned into a rich-in-flavour iced tea. Just boil the tea, let it sit for a while, refrigerate, take the tea bags out and add other ingredients of your choice. In the end, before serving sweeten with sugar or honey and add some ice cubes. 

Lastly, play with all ingredients and variations of our recipes until you make your own signature iced tea.

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