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VSI international - best school in Jaipur

In the capital city of Rajasthan, every school is emphasizing on the goal to provide excellent education facilities with the proper holistic development of the students. So now, opting and choosing the best school in Jaipur is quite tough and challenging. As there are multiple number of schools in the Pink city, Jaipur.

However, you don’t need to worry now as we introduce you to the most recommended one – VSI international sr. sec. school, who raise the students with the outstanding education facilities.

The VSI international school is known for its infrastructure, quality teaching, record-breaking results, academic excellence etc. which shows the competencies and dedication of the school.

Here, in this article you will find about the best school in Jaipur – VSI international, facilities, qualities and location of the school in Jaipur city.

Brief Knowing of VSI International School

VSI international school is one of the leading and top-class school in Pratap Nagar, Jaipur. In 1979, VSI international school was founded by Blue Bell Shiksha Samiti. Also, C. A Dr. R.C. Sharma the famous educationist is the sole director of VSI international school.

Moreover, the mission of VSI international school to provide best and foremost academic talents with the perspective of motivating, caring and support society. Hence, they provide an environment that cultivates the students with the best knowledge and skills.

Furthermore, the aim of the school is to widen the personal growth of students, to inculcate the Indian traditions, build qualitative techniques and technical attitude.

Additionally, in 2017, the honorable education minister awarded the VSI international school as the best and emerging school of the year.

Wings of VSI International – Best School in Pratap nagar Jaipur

In VSI international school the academics wings are divided in to 3 parts:-

  1. Play group
  2. Junior wing
  3. Senior wing

Facilities Given by VSI International school

Among all the leading top 10 schools in Jaipur – VSI international school is not the back bottom in providing the best facilities for their students. They offer modern and updated facilities to students.

Following are the VSI international facilities :-

  • smart classrooms,
  • activity rooms,
  • computer labs,
  • readers hub,
  • transportation,
  • math lab,
  • playground,
  • safety and security.

extracurricular activities at school in jaipur

Qualities of VSI International School – Best School in Jaipur

As we have above discussed the facilities of the VSI international school. Now let’s have a look at brand qualities of the best school in Jaipur, Pink city i.e.; VSI international school.

Here, are some points which make VSI international school the prime and superior one from all the other schools in the capital city of Rajasthan, India.

  1. Infrastructure : VSI international school has the famous and modern infrastructure as per students comfort and safety. The top class campus and infrastructure of VSI international makes the students bold to compete with the outside world.
  2. Curriculum : VSI international curriculum has been the majority preferred curriculum in Jaipur. It focuses on learning centered curriculum rather than teacher centered curriculum. The school is based on quality education system. Hence, VSI international has given freedom to their students in selecting the learning process, so that they will give their best in leaning abilities.
  3. Professional and experienced teachers : The school has the best trained teachers who are committed to providing the utmost knowledge to their students. And also need to develop their interest in learning. Moreover, having the experienced and dedicated teachers staff is the plus point of VSI international school.
  4. Environment of safe learning : VSI international is being the safest education learning environment. The school makes everything easy for their students to learn. They focus on keeping high standards, academic achievements and a healthy relation between student and teacher. Therefore, VSI international is best among all other schools.
  5. Reasonable Fees : VSI international does not charge any extra fees in return of their school facilities or qualities. The school is maintained in such a manner that everyone wants to can get a chance of learning at VSI international.

Location of VSI International school

VSI international school is located at the center location of Jaipur. The school is easy to access. The VSI international school also provides the transportation facilities from Mansarovar, Malviya Nagar, Tonk road, C-scheme, Durgapura , Mahaveer nagar and all over the Jaipur city.

The school provides an eco-friendly fully air-conditioned bus. Along with the support of GPRS and mobile phones and with the trained drivers and conductors. Moreover, Pre-primary students are accompanied by the attended or maid.

Conclusion of the Blog

At last, we conclude that in the list of private schools and best schools in Jaipur, VSI international schools come on top because of its well-developed curriculum and infrastructure.

Moreover, VSI international school is not only well-known school but also the famous and eminent oldest school in Jaipur, with modern services.

Henceforth, VSI international School is one of the best place to educate your children. The schools believes in encouraging their students for new challenges and acquire new skills.

Above all, if you want to go for the best school in Jaipur, try VSI international school. And also, the contact information is :-

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