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If space is an unaffordable luxury, you might want to consider getting a sectional sofa instead of a standard sofa. We believe that the right piece of article furniture can instantly lift your mood, and make it more welcoming to return home.

Let us walk you through the type of sectional sofas while explaining why, and how to get the perfect sectional sofa for maximizing your seating option, if not for adding a practical piece your quaint little living room. By the way, Bedding Pal wrote a detail buying guide on choosing the best sectional sofas covering all the different types of sectionals. You should check it out if you are serious about it.

Type of Sectional Sofas

We have listed a few common designs that are easily accessible in the market today:


This type of sectional comes with an extended ottoman which is attached to one side. Similar to the L-shaped sister, great to be away from the wall, or remain well wedged into the corner of the wall.


The curve creates quite an elegant silhouette that is not found on many sectionals out there. However, this artistic piece will take up more space because it cannot sit against the wall.


In the usual fashion, you will find a two-cushion style to be connected to a three-cushion style to form the shape.


This style is for you if you intend to maximize your sectional with the ample space you have. The extended arms are ideal for you to carry on the intimate conversation, face to face.


There are too many reasons for you to get a sectional, from its flexibility to space-saving nature. It is undeniably easy to work with and its versatility will allow you to lounge or to put your feet on top. We love how a sectional can reduce the embarrassing situation of not having enough seating for your unexpected guest.

Besides, a sectional is definitely helpful to make room for more seating when it is in a certain arrangement. Yes, we agree that it might get tricky to come up with the right arrangement, but we see you can easily maximize your seating options when you have to make do with the amount of space you have.


You can pick up the most suitable sectional sofa for yourself through careful evaluation of several crucial components of a sectional. It will be great to manage your expectations, too.

Left-facing or Right-facing

First and foremost, we need you to work on the imagination because this is one of the most essential elements for sectionals, especially when you are going for the L-shaped style. Imagine yourself to stand in front, and facing the sectional head-on. If you want the sectional to be extended on the left side, choose a left-facing sofa and vice versa.

Know Your Space

Be sure to measure your space to see if the sectional will fit just right in the space. This is extremely important if you are looking at a restricted area. You will need to understand how your sofa is going to sit at your home so that you can visualize its presence and have sufficient space to maneuver it in any way you wish.

Some thoughts on the Corner Seat

This element is especially vital for L-shaped and U-shaped styles because the room will be inadequate for complete, cozy lounging. At the corner seat, you should be expected smaller space at the corner seat because of how the sofas are arranged to be placed in such a manner. Naturally, your lounging legs can hardly feel comfortable when you sit on it.

How It Fits With Others

We understand that the couch will be the center of attention as the most frequently used item, but we would like you to look at other furniture and accessories which will coexist with it. You need to be mindful of the size of your rug, the choice of the coffee table, decorative pillows placement and even a console table to complement the look of your couch.

Lean Against The Wall vs Float It

Traditionally, a sofa’s placement is always leaning against the wall. You might be surprised with the visual effect if you intend to mix things up by doing something different for a sectional. However, bear in mind that you will need a certain amount of space to do so. But if I were you, I will not hesitate to float the sectional sofa when space is not a major concern for me.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, we hope that these tips will be helpful for you to narrow down the best possible sectional sofa for yourself, which meets your requirements and budget. Remember, never be afraid on floating it!




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