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Tooth decay occurs when acid produced from plaque buildup on your teeth weaken your enamel. The acid is responsible for the demineralization of the teeth. It is produced when bacteria that forms in plaque digest sugar from the food you eat. Demineralization will make your enamel weak, and you may start developing cavities on your teeth. Fluoride is one mineral mostly used to strengthen the enamel. Common procedures such as the application of fluoride varnish are used to strengthen the enamel.

You can also undergo scaling, a dental procedure that helps get rid of plaque and other factors that weaken the enamel. Here, special products are used to eliminate this type of dirt from your teeth. Prophy paste is a product used during the process. It facilitates the removal of plaque and other types of dirt from your teeth. Fluoride and potassium nitrate are the active ingredients in prophy paste that help keep your teeth in perfect shape.
Tooth decay is a condition you can get if you fail to take care of your teeth as required. You can also get the condition while observing different oral care practices such as brushing. The signs may take quite a while to show up in adults. Most adults start experiencing the condition months or even years while it takes days or weeks for children. This is because children have an enamel that is more susceptible to wearing out compared to adult teeth.

Signs of Tooth Decay

  • Different symptoms may start showing up when you have tooth decay. They include:
    ● Increased Sensitivity- Tooth decay results in increased sensitivity on your teeth and gums. You will feel some sharp pain when consuming cold or hot beverages. The same can be felt when you take cold or hot foods. You should pay close attention to this and visit your dentist immediately.
    ● Toothache – It is another sign that will help you know you are suffering from tooth decay. Tooth decay leads to the destruction of the enamel. This results in the formation of cracks or deep holes in your teeth. They can go deeper into your roots, and you are likely to experience pain in several circumstances. You should take fast action when you experience such.
    ● Foul Breath- Bad breath is one of the signs that you might be suffering from tooth decay. This is usually as a result of plaque buildup in your mouth. You will be less comfortable interacting with others or participating in public discussions when you have bad breath. Pay attention to your dental health whenever you notice this.
    ● Stained Teeth – It is the other visible sign of tooth decay you are likely to experience. Your teeth will become stained and black, brown or grey spots may start forming.

There are several instances when you will have an unpleasant taste in your mouth. You should always monitor your teeth and lookout for these signs. This will help you take the correct measures to restore your condition.

Tooth Decay Treatments

There is no need to worry anytime you realize that you are suffering from tooth decay. Several treatments can be administered to reverse your condition. This may largely depend on the stage of tooth decay you are in. The following are some of the best and popular treatments for tooth decay.

Fluoride Varnish or Gel

Fluoride is a mineral that occurs in the bones or teeth. It is responsible for strengthening these parts of your body. Fluoride treatments help ensure the mineral is in your teeth in the required amounts, which is vital for a stronger enamel. One type of product that contains the mineral is fluoride varnish. It contains higher concentrations of fluoride which helps in strengthening the enamel. The varnish is applied directly to your teeth and should stay for some while for faster absorption. It leaves your teeth stronger, which is vital in reversing your condition. Fluoride varnish also prevents bacteria inhibition. This can help to treat your condition. Visit a dentist in their wonderful dental clinic to have this procedure administered to you.

Dental Fillings

Your dentists can also use fillings or crowns on your teeth to improve your condition. They will do this by removing dental decay on your teeth and filling the gaps. This procedure applies to those who develop holes or cavities on their teeth. It is also vital in reducing pain and sensitivity that comes about as a result of tooth decay.

Root Canal Treatment

It is one of the options you have when your situation becomes severe. There are times tooth decay can spread to the pulp. This is the part at the center of your teeth which contains nerves and blood vessels. Tooth decay can be removed in such a situation using the procedure referred to as root canal treatment. The nerve and pulp will be removed, making it easy to clean the inside part of the teeth. It is sealed after the procedure.

Tooth Extraction

This is an option for those who have their teeth badly damaged beyond restoration. Failure to take fast measures to treat tooth decay may make your condition worse. The final stages make it difficult to manage your situation, and the only option you will have is extraction. Your dentist can remove the damaged tooth and replace it with an implant or partial denture. They will pick the right temporary or permanent dentures for you.

Tooth Decay Prevention

Preventing tooth decay keeps you free from the condition, and you will also save a lot of money that may be required for future treatments. The following are the best ways to prevent tooth decay.

Dental Visits

You should visit a dentist regularly to have your dental health and several treatments administered. Dentists have state of the art tools that can check the state of your teeth. It is much better compared to monitoring yourself at home where you might not get accurate results. Dentists can also perform several treatments to help improve your condition. You should visit them every three months for dental checkups.

Deep Cleaning

This is a procedure that helps in the removal of plaque and other types of dirt from your teeth. Brushing only does not offer a complete solution in several instances. Plaque cannot be removed through brushing or flossing because of its hard, sticky nature. You can go for deep cleaning where your dentist will use special tools to get rid of the plaque on your teeth. This procedure also leaves your teeth looking good.

Minimize Consumption of Sugary Foods

Sugary foods can be very dangerous to your dental health and also speed up tooth decay. This is because of how they link up with bacteria on your teeth to produce acids that cause demineralization. Your teeth will become weak and susceptible to decay as a result. Cutting down the consumption of starchy or sugary foods keeps you free from tooth decay. You can try other alternatives such as calcium and vitamins that strengthen your teeth and keep your gums in good shape.

Fluoride Options

Fluoride varnish treatment should not only be administered when you have tooth decay. You can undergo such treatment at any given moment. Fluoride keeps your teeth stronger than ever. The dental care products you opt for should also contain the mineral. Water has certain levels of fluoride which leaves your teeth healthier. You can also try out other fluoride supplements that help in tooth decay prevention.

Brushing and Flossing

Plaque or bacteria buildup on your teeth can happen when you fail to observe different oral hygiene practices. You should brush your teeth more often to get rid of food remains that harbor bacteria. Flossing is also vital in eliminating dirt from the spaces between your teeth. Follow the above procedures to stay free from tooth decay.

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