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Watches are the best statement a person can wear. For army personals, the watches have to be strong and durable enough to help them get through the rough pieces of training and challenges that they have to face. The best watch for basic training is always durable, tough, water-resistant, and full of style so that they should add compliment to the personality of the army person.

These watches are the best watches for basic training as they are made while keeping the tough and harsh conditions in mind. They are built with the best and the most durable material so that they can last long without any damage. 

After long hours of searching and reviewing, here is the list of best watches for basic training.

1# G-Shock RANGEMAN GW – 9400 Military Watch

Keeping the tough training of the army in mind, G-Shock RANGEMAN is the most durable and versatile watch for army training. It is specially designed to be water and shock-resistant, which gives it the capability to be last long during the army basic training.


It is also built in such a way that protects the watch from mechanical shocks. Not only this, this watch is suitable for all kinds of harsh temperatures, from extremely cold weather to the harsh heat of deserts. It also consists of a compass that can help the trainee to look for directions in difficult situations.

2# Casio Men’s GW – 9400B J-1 JF G-Shock Master of G Rangeman Digital Solar Black Carbon Fiber Insert Watch

Casio Men G-shock is a great watch. The band of this watch is made up of a carbon fiber Insert that makes it durable. Along with showing time and directions, it also shows temperature and humidity level that helps the trainee to cope up with the conditions and prepare themselves with the situation.

You can take this watch for swimming, hiking, boxing, training, and other tough outdoor activities. Not only this, you can add up to 5 alarms that may help you in keeping the track of time.

3# Timex Men’s T5E901 Ironman Classic 30 Gray/Black Resin Strap Watch

Timex Men is the best durable watch that can be bought in an affordable range. This Timex Men watch is stylish, and its strap is made up of nylon and leather strap that adds style to you. This watch is water-resistant and consists of an Indigo light-up feature that helps you see in the dark.

This military-grade watch consists of a timer and a stopwatch. You can also set up three different alarms on it. With its reliable manufacture, it is an ideal and desirable watch for army training.


These watches have proved to be the best watches for basic training. They are solid, water-resistant, and have multiple functions that help the young army trainee perform well in the field during harsh weather. If you want the best durable and strong watches, you can ask for these are the best watches.


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