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Have you wondered as a woman or man why we should remain healthy or be fit? Probably never in your whole life because we mostly never pay attention to our bodies. Instead, we’re running to have a safe and secure career, for money, for respect in our community and society, or to have some fame but all these things come second after health. Because if you’re not healthy or fit, all these things are useless.

Having Big Butt scientifically helps our body in various kinds of aspects of our body. If you have ever felt disheartened or depressed seeing your big butt and thought why can’t I have a lean body? We’re here to give you a new perspective about having a big butt so that you can be proud of your body parts and because it also helps in the posture of your body and is too prone to less disease to have beauty and have more cushion for your lower back part of the body. That all makes the big butt a desirable human body part. Let’s understand better in this article about all of this.

How does having Big Butt lower the risk of diseases?

We have a general tendency to that body fat is bad for our health and it’ll reflect in our body as in the form of many different kinds of diseases but one thing I should make clear here now is according to health reports of online publication Leading Lady, The butt fat isn’t dangerous at all for our body and it’s completely disease free, so we don’t have to worry for the fat of our butts.

According to them, women who have big butts and small waists have less chance of having heart disease, diabetes, and diseases caused by the high level of cholesterol and that’s the result of some studies done by highly qualified doctors. Women who have more meat towards their lower back body have a higher chance of well-balanced cholesterol level and sometimes a tendency of an even higher level of HDL cholesterol and a low level of the highly harmful LDL cholesterol which leads to more chances for a human body to have heart attack and stroke. Even a woman having a big butt has less chance for type 2 diabetes and that’s so wonderful to hear. 

How does Big Butt help with physical activities and support our legs?

It helps in supporting our legs because big butts work in conjunction with our legs to propel us forward during movement and by that we move forward with less strain on our backbone. The most important thing is our butt has the gluteus maximus which is a large muscle that helps in more intense exercise and workout activities and any kind of physical games.

That all consists of big butt helps in everything ranging from walking up stairs, playing physical games, running a marathon and much more. 

Why are men biologically more attracted to Big Butt?

It’s undeniable and everyone agrees that big butts are quite popular and men love women and girls who have them, they can’t help but stare at check-out every time. It’s scientifically evolutionary that larger butts make it notice the curvature of the spine because it’s required for a woman to carry a baby during pregnancy.

As humans evolved from time to time there came understanding and when their brains developed to make decisions, they have always chosen women who were most suitable and had correct bodies and postures for childbirth. Most men now won’t agree with the fact that they like women who have big bottoms for the childbirth of their baby but because of the fact they have fantasies and want to fulfill them.

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Why does Big Butt improve women’s personality and shape?

Curves of the front and back parts of the body look sexy and how the clothes are designed for women to look in perfect shape and look the best way possible according to their body shape. You can’t dress and look good in saggy jeans with a big bottom because of the fitting and the curvature won’t look uptight.

A large backside always gives an edge to your mind that you have a small waistline for your desirable hourglass figure which is more traditional than you think, it can be an illusion or not but it looks good in covering the whole personality. When you picture the whole body of yourself in the mirror or an image, big butts help in making a better silhouette.

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How does Big Butt help in storing more Omega-3 fatty acids?

When women become mothers for the very first time and have big buttocks and they have to breastfeed their child, they need to have more energy and storage of essential fatty acids so that their child can get enough milk and energy, in that condition having big butts helps in doing that.

Breastfeeding helps children become smarter children due to the transfer of essential omega-3 fatty acids because their mother has stored them in them and now can transfer them. If a pregnant woman is sitting on a hard surface, it gives them a cushion so that they don’t have to face many difficulties and can minimize the chance of fracturing the pelvic bone. 

Why do most men generally search for big butts in porn?

If you are in the category who also do searches on porn websites the terms big butt porn/ spicy big butt/ big butt pornos, etc, it’s not that you’re alone, it is a general tendency in males that they have a special fantasy towards big butts because of peer group encourages them or they have heard from somewhere or it can be from some other porn website’s recommendations. 


Big Butt helps women in many things from scientifically to looking good and increasing their looks and personality. If you’re a woman and don’t have big butts, you don’t have to worry much and take stress because it’ll impact your body so just start working out and gradually you’ll reach that level in the future.

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