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There are several different reasons which are behind the huge success of Bkb herbals. It is an online store located in Florida. They are counted among the most well-organized and trustworthy Kratom sellers situated in the United   States. The staff working with them is very efficient and hard-working. Thye are professionals in this field and know a lot about Kratom. They will help you out in choosing strain as well as they will teach you a different method of using it. 

Kratom products:

The vendor kratom crazy has given a very wide range of Kratom strains to choose from. Customers are free to select strains of white, green or red veins. Including, they have a far-fetched powder of green vein Kratom which is known as “Crisp”. Crisp grasps a lot of attention. 

Bkb herbal is offering the following strains:

  • Green Tawa Indo
  • Green Maeng Da
  • Plantation Maeng Da
  • Red Bentuangie
  • Red Indo Santai
  • Original Maeng Da
  • White Horn leaf
  • Tidak Takut

Other herbal products: 

The product list doesn’t stop here. The vendor is also offering CBD and some accessories along with Kratom. The accessories include keychain and bracelets. To be very honest, the bracelets were quite attractive and beautifully made. Keychains are very unique. The accessories are related to Kratom having eye-catching quotes written on them about it. 

Prices of the products: 

Hold your breath because this is something that will put you in shock. They are selling a pack of 1 kg Kratom for just $80. Isn’t it’s remarkable? Bkb herbal is offering a 500 grams pack as well. It is sold at $45 which is simply amazing as the normal market rate is near to $60 – $80. 

Bracelets and keychains are also very reasonable and available at $2.99 only. 

Shipping of the products: 

Bkb herbals ship all orders within a day. It typically 2 – 3 days for a package to reach the doorstep of customers. The vendor uses USPS priority mail and USPS priority express. 

Due to the legal status issue of Kratom, they don’t sell in a few states and countries. 

Terms and conditions:

Bkb herbals have set a few terms and conditions for their customers. Clients have to follow them while purchasing. Some of those conditions are as follow:

  • Customers should be above the age of 18 years. Placing order at their store means clients are agreeing that they are adults and ready to use Kratom.
  • Products are manufactured with full care and under supervision of experts. Once the product is delivered, sellers are not responsible for anything. Thye are concerned with quality and they deliver quality. In case of any problem after using the product then sellers are not responsible and customers are also not allowded to blame them. 
  • Bkb herbal is following all the rules and regulations applied for selling Kratom in Florida. However, if any customer uses anyway to get their Kratom while living in the states where Krato is illegal then the vendor is not responsible and should not blamed. 
  • While purchasing from them, the buyer agrees that all the information related to credit cards, name or location is his personal and it doesn’t belong to any other person. 
  • Once the order is confirmed it simply means that the customer has read all the terms and conditions very carefully. He is agreed with all these conditions and later he will not claim that he was not familiar with their rules. 

Contacting the vendor: 

They are very active on different social sites. The customers may get in touch with them via Facebook, Twitter, E-mail, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest. Contact us form is also available on their website through which buyers may get in touch with them. If you are not interested in any one of the above-mentioned offers then calling them directly is also a good choice. 

Customer’s feedback: 

Customers are very excited after using products purchased from Bkb herbal. Some of the feedbacks of patrons are as follow: 

“Thankyou Bkb because you have the best quality products and very nice prices.”

“The owner is very responsible. It clearly shows his concern about quality. Shipping is also very good.” 

“I bet that you can never beat them in quality and rates.” 

“Bkb is offering very decent strains.”

Why Bkb herbal is known as the best vendor in Florida? 

Bkb herbal stands out to be the best vendor among others located in Florida. They have remarkable qualities which are increasing their fame day by day. However, the main points which are adding positive marks in their reputation are as follow:

Best customer support system: 

I must say that the team of Bkb herbal is very practical. They are well-experienced and expert in selling Kratom. They are very helpful and polite. Customers may take help from them while choosing strains. They will tell you about the properties of each strain as well which will help you to choose. 

High-quality products: 

They are best for buying extremely high-quality products. It is the most important reason which is behind this incredible success. It makes them stand’s out. It differentiates them from other vendors. They take all the possible measures to make sure that their customers receive fresh and unbelievable products. 

Deals and discounts: 

Unfortunately, coupon codes are not available for this vendor. However, they have incredible reward programs for their customers. They update this program at the start of every month. 

Free samples:

Their free samples always excite the customers. Bkb herbal is offering free of cost sample. It helps to choose customers that either their products are useful or not? Customers always appreciate their frees ample as they are confident that if their products are not appropriate then their money will not get wasted. 


Everything they are offering is up to the mark. Customers love them because of their high-quality products and inexpensive prices. Their terms and conditions show that they are very professional and know how to run their business successfully and safely. 

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