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Buying Prescription Meds From Other Countries

The complaints surrounding the growing costs of healthcare in America has been going on for many years. Not only are doctors visits, medical procedures, and trips to the emergency room expensive, but so is medication.

Nearly 20% of healthcare costs are for prescriptions. For some people, the mounting prices are too much to handle, which is why many of them look for other alternatives.

If you’re thinking about buying prescription meds from other countries, there are some things you should know first. Keep reading to learn how to purchase prescription drugs online the right way.

Buying Prescription Meds Online: What’s It Like?

If you’re new to ordering meds online, you might not know what to expect; especially when buying from another country. Of course, there are pros and cons to everything.

While purchasing medication online has its perks, it has its drawbacks too. Here are the advantages and disadvantages:


Shopping online is super convenient. There are no long lines like at the pharmacy and you don’t have to leave your home. Ordering prescriptions online is also a huge benefit for people who are sick, bedridden, or have limited mobility. They don’t have to worry about going out or having someone pick up a prescription because it’s delivered right to their door.

The bad thing about ordering online is that you may not get your prescriptions on time. Delays can happen and if you order your meds close to the time when you’re running out, that could create a problem.

This will certainly be an issue when buying drugs from other countries. Getting prescription medication from Canada may not be too bad if you live in northern states or on the border of Canada.

But for those who are in other parts of the United States, be prepared to wait quite a while for your medication


If you do the proper research, importing prescription drugs for personal use is relatively safe. For instance, if you’re getting prescription drugs from Canada, as long as you buy from a website that’s certified by the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA), you can rest assured that the meds are coming from a licensed pharmacy. 

The main drawback is that an unreliable website can also put the CIPA logo on its website and pretend to be legitimate. To protect yourself from getting duped, visit the CIPA website to take a look at all of the approved pharmacies on their list.

Money Savings

One of the huge reasons why getting medication from other countries is such a big deal is because of the savings. Buyers don’t have to pay retail price and they save a significant amount of money by purchasing directly from a mail-order pharmacy.

Americans can really get more bang for their buck by buying meds from Canada. Drug prices in Canada are regulated, which helps Americans save up to 90% off of their prescriptions. The Patented Medicines Review Board ensures that drug costs are reasonably priced making the medications more affordable.

The disadvantage of this is that you can’t use your American insurance. Therefore, whatever you pay will have to be paid out of pocket.

However, the cost you pay out-of-pocket will likely still be less than what you would spend in America with your insurance coverage.


Another perk of getting medication online is the availability of products. Sometimes when you go into a pharmacy location, they don’t have the particular drug that you need. However, that usually isn’t a problem when getting meds from online pharmacies. 

Unfortunately, although there are lots of medications in stock, you may not be able to purchase them. If you’re buying from a different country, there could be restrictions on what you can purchase. Usually, drugs like painkillers, stimulants, and anti-anxiety meds are prohibited.

Ordering From Other Countries: What You Need to Know

Many Americans ignore FDA regulations regarding meds by crossing the border purchasing them online. While it’s technically illegal to do so, chances are you won’t be prosecuted for it. When the product is for personal use and it doesn’t pose a risk, there’s generally no enforcement.

Also, the personal use rule excludes med with than a 90-day supply. Unfortunately, you can’t buy a large quantity of drugs without drawing attention.

With that in mind, you shouldn’t worry too much about “getting in trouble.” For instance, for people with diabetes, their medication is a matter of life or death and insulin prices are through the roof. Therefore, the regulations against ordering from other countries are lax. 

If you’re going to get your meds abroad, do so from a country with well-regulated pharmacies. Countries like New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Turkey, and most of Western Europe are good options.

In fact, if you’re looking for a reliable New Zealand pharmacist to buy Neurontin from, follow the highlighted link.

A safety tip for ordering online is to buy from a website that requires a doctor’s prescription. If they don’t, that’s an indicator that they’re sketchy and are willing to cut corners.

Affordable Medication at Your Fingertips

Deciding on whether you should purchase medication online is not easy. There’s a lot to think about.

However, if the cost of buying prescription meds in America is too expensive for you, it’s worth a try. With a little patience and some research, you could potentially save hundreds of dollars off of your meds.

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