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Did You Know – there are almost 12 million private boats and personal water crafts registered in the US. While the state and federal registration departments have a clear account of each one of them, you do not have authorization to access their database. So, this is where a Boat Directory comes in handy. Essentially, a boat directory is a database of boats that form a part of that particular boating community. Each registered member keys in detailed information of their respective vessels that helps build this repository of information. Naturally, the larger the community, the bigger the information archive. This database comes in very handy when you wish to purchase a boat and even if you are thinking of selling yours. 


Being part of a large and diverse boating community also gives you access to new and trending ideas on how to modernize your existing vessel. These ideas can greatly enhance your boating experience as well as increase the value of your craft when you decide to sell it or upgrade to a new one. If you are contemplating selling your boat, here are a few tips to get the best return for it.


  • Join A Reputed Boating Community: Joining a reputed boating community is a great first step. The access to resources in the form of people with diverse experience and online tools can be of immense help across all the different steps involved in listing your boat. Look for a platform that has a large number of members which, in turn, allows you a chance to get comprehensive opinions and the ability to browse through a variety of boats. The community should also allow free exchange of ideas while maintaining the safety and security of your personal information. Read our handy guide on this topic before choosing an online community to join.
  • Research the Selling Price: One of the most valuable tools that a good boating community will provide is a boat directory. By browsing through vessels and models similar to yours, you can get a ballpark idea on what you can expect based on current market trends. Of course, the final price will vary depending on the exact make, model, years and nautical miles notched, harbor where it is moored, condition of the vessel etc.
  • Make It Aesthetic: Typically, if you have decided to sell your boat then it is likely that it is not in the pristine shape that it used to be in. Another important benefit of the boating community is the access to pros and their tips for free. Using these ideas and suggestions you can make viable changes to the looks of your craft thereby increasing its value in the market. Remember to not go overboard and carefully consider the cost of improvements vs the returns expected before going ahead with the process. 
  • Get It In Shape: While looks lead to first impressions that are important, they are not the whole and sole of it. Buyers will surely wish to take a test ride before closing the deal and see what’s under-the-hull. An experienced boater is likely to identify any underlying issues in the machinery and handling of the vessel, quite quickly. Invest in getting your board properly serviced and getting any snags looked into, before listing it. The boating community is a great place to find professionals in this field and approach them directly to get the best quality and price for their services.
  • List Your Boat: Once the aforementioned steps have been taken, you are now ready to list your boat on the boat directory. If you have already signed up with a reputed community like HarborMoor then this service is free for you. You can use the activity feed to broadcast your message and let the community know that your boat is available for sale.


The boat directory can act as a yellow pages guide and as a digital marketplace as well, depending on how you choose to use it. It can be considered a simple and convenient way to advertise your boat for sale without incurring any additional charges. By putting detailed posts and pics on the community’s activity feed, you can make your listing stand apart from the several others already present there and reach out to a large audience of like minded boat enthusiasts. You can effectively describe your boat’s specifications thereby enhancing your chances of getting serious buyers to get in touch with you and indulging in more fruitful conversations.


Moreover, by listing directly through the boat directory, you also save big in the form of commission and brokerage charges levied by boat brokers or other middlemen for their services. This money can be spent on sprucing up your boat, instead, and getting a higher return through its sale.

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